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Minions of Eiler Unite!

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Status Report, Tres de Mayo 2013

The Domination of Eiler is observing the Dominator's ceremonial birthday in its usual manner.

Finest clothes from the thrift store: Check. Though discount retail stores are slowly taking over that duty.

Finest music: Check. The music assortment "Prayer X" is leading the workplace duties. The whole repository "Big Music 2" is serving on the portable music player, and serving up lots of Mike Oldfield.

Cupcakes for representative citizens: Check. The Workplace of Dominance got the birthday treats.

Birthday dinner(s): Check. Here in the Pacific time zone, the Dominator's chronological birthday is Dos de Mayo; he stayed home that day and had merlot, Brie, and strawberries. For Tres de Mayo, the plan is to celebrate with representative citizens at the neighborhood pub, which in turn is providing free birthday food. The Dominator's neighborhood pub may look boring in a photo, but that's part of its attraction to the Domination of Eiler. And there will be dancing first - just like every Friday night. The Dominator now regularly locks himself in a room full of women, and doesn't emerge until after an hour of Zumba dancing.

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow, so comic book stores will be providing gifts then. The Domination of Eiler will also be providing its free flyer for Free Powernaut Comic Day to representative citizens.

All Hail the Domination!

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