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Minions of Eiler Unite!

Dominance Update, 2013

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In the last bulletin, the Domination of Eiler promised further Dominance. It delivered, but only to the parts of the North Eileranian continent which needed it the most. Wyoming scared off the Domination expedition when the snows came in October. But every U.S. state west of there has now been occupied! Swaths across Nevada and Utah were systematically subjugated, and the Grand Canyon North Rim was raided.

During this offensive, the Domination of Eiler met several allies, and kept two promises. It attended roller derby in Salem-Oregon, and it delivered the nine strips of the Powernaut 1966 series. Toward that end, it started regular electronic cartooning in bars!

The offensive took five weeks. Then came one week of alliance-building, alongside the associate-Eiler sister, from Portland to Seattle. We agreed, West Coast is fun too. Now the other end of the alliance wants to move west - alongside all her grown children! Heh, even the entire Pacific Northwest may not be ready for that much Dominance. Still, the odds are fairly remote of that happening.

Then came another five weeks, slowly up the Pacific coast from Lincoln City-Oregon to Anacortes-Washington. Every stop involved a waterfront view from a hotel room, sometimes for a week at a time. This offensive was so relaxing, the Domination finished Powernaut 1966 ahead of time, then knocked off a six-week Powernaut 2005 episode in three weeks!

The Domination of Eiler has returned to home ground in its Bothell-Washington District of Dominance for Xmas and New Year. Next come five more weeks of roaming, probably north as far as Vancouver-British Columbia, probably alongside a six-issue Powernaut 1968 comic. After that, a return to Bothell is envisioned, to prepare for three more years of dominance.

All hail the Domination!



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