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Minions of Eiler Unite!

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Eat Peels

The Domination of Eiler has a long and honorable tradition of exploring alternative sources of nutrition. For instance, in Michigan the forces learned to eat snow and dandelions. ( )

Banana peels have also been an important source of nutrition. Some people smoke them; the scrapings of banana peels contain bananadine, a mild hallucinogen. But all that chemical is still there if you eat them too. in the Domination we say, scrape the banana for sweet dreams!

But once the Domination started occupying the western part of the continent of North Eilerania, the Dominator's diet changed. Bananas have 2000 miles farther to travel, but mandarin oranges can come straight up the coast. Up to now, oranges were more of an Xmas treat, but now they're practically a year-round food.

One day the Dominator had so many oranges handy, he started taking them to lunch to squeeze into lemonade. After eating the pulp, the peels were left... alongside some casserole which greatly needed some added fiber. So, hand-shredded peel on top! The Dominator burned off his taste buds decades ago, so it takes a whole peel to deliver a Domination-grade flavor.

The Dominator's colon didn't know how to take it at first; orange peels looked nothing like food to it. But now it loves them so much, it gets an extra helping with breakfast pastries every day.

Unfortunately, there's a down side. Fewer banana peels lead to fewer sweet dreams. The Domination's fiction-blog ( has therefore been denied a major input. Fortunately, Powernaut comics are more than compensating. (

All Hail the Domination!

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