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Minions of Eiler Unite!

Heroes of Death

This week in pop culture: (1) A movie featuring Thanos the villain of Death still ranked near the top of movie ticket revenue. (2) The actor Robin Williams defected to Death.

#1 is basically last week's news. #2 has people talking, though. Either they say he was a suicide and a coward, or he was mentally ill and should have been cured. The Dominator will not endorse either opinion. But in the Domination of Eiler, there is one more possibility: That's what he wanted and we should respect his wishes.

There might be any number of external factors. But even without those... People acknowledge that great artists such as Robin Williams can be fueled by inner mental anguish. Many great dead musicians had that same factor in their lives. Insisting that they could be "fixed" is like saying all their work is wrong.

In other recent news, the massive exhalations of humanity are literally turning the oceans into carbolic acid. ( Within the lives of most people alive today, the time will likely come when any grown human who for whatever reason chooses to give the world his water and oxygen supply, will be a hero. Or at least considered a hero by future generations.

That said, we can't (and even shouldn't) all be heroes. The Dominator hopes to keep sucking oxygen for decades to come. But if people can check out of hotels early because the room sucks, and life is like a hotel, well then. Still in any case, the Domination of Eiler suggests coordinating with relatives and other Loved Ones before defecting to Death.

(Recent news many people hadn't considered: It seems Mr. Williams had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. For any human who values thinking, this is a slow death. That is to say, the climate in the hotel room was changing and it was time to consider checking out.)

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