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Strategos is a villain created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Team Affiliations: He forms his own teams
Status: Active
Location: Somewhere outside the Solar System
Favorite Music: Tends to select music at random from his very eclectic collection
Character Portrait


The Strategos is a Greek general of the 3rd century AD. His name is lost to history. He was taken by aliens into space, shortly after Zenobia was. He fought against her for centuries, as a strategy expert for a lizard king known as the Teknokrat.

The Strategos came back to the Solar System in the 1990s, and promptly immersed himself into superhuman politics. For starters, he and the Teknokrat challenged the Earth to a strategy game, for world domination. A Massachusetts tech company responded, and won.

In subsequent years, the Strategos headquartered in a secret Lunar colony, alongside aliens. Earth's heroes evicted his entire base in 2007. In return, the Strategos interfered in the U.S. Presidential election of 2008. This backfired so badly, Barack Obama got an unexpected victory against Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

To end 2008, the Strategos secretly sponsored an Earth TV superhero show called Reality House. He recruited a team of anti-heroes in order to stage a fight with the heroes in Paris. It was properly theatric, and the Strategos got a cut of the profits - and a couple of Capture cards to experiment upon. He managed to free the captives of these cards, but the cards were depowered after that.

In 2009, the Infrared Sunbreaker Choir started crashing meteors into Earth to change its orbit. By 2011, the Global Cooling Crisis was in full swing. The Strategos left Earth in 2011 alongside several Earth cities, which the Earth's resident Solarian Dom-Ra transported into space. The Strategos is now at large in space.


A conniving old bastard.

Powers and Abilities

The Strategos is effectively immortal. He has great vigor for a man of his apparent age, but no particular superhuman powers. However, he has a great variety of Galactic alien technology at his call. In particular, he has commanded a machine army.


An old Greek general who likes to wear a white and purple tunic.


Author's Notes

It's past this guy's 25th anniversary. He's been a semi-regular part of my stories all along, and now he's part of Powernaut Comics. It's about time he got his Wiki entry.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 30 December 2020.

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