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Capture is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Brett Lynch
Team Affiliations: Reality House (2008), Total Conversion (2010-onward)
Status: Active
Location: Earth-SW10 in 2020
Favorite Music: M.I.A.
Character Portrait


It's not yet known when or how Brett got his powers. He had them during the spring of 2008, when his high school class took a field trip for a Mississippi River cruise out of Dubuque-Iowa. This trip coincided with a zombie attack. The tour group had retreated to their bus, but people had followed them for safety. Brett used his powers then to trap his tour group leader inside a business card he had, to make some extra room. Others then volunteered to get inside his other cards, just to get away. Brett was able to release them, when they were all safe.

In late 2008, Brett joined the Powernaut's Power School. He trained extensively alongside the Powernaut, and used his powers to great advantage during an incident in Paris.

Brett went on to join the Total Conversion team. That team stubbornly remained on its home Earth, after the Powernaut Rapture of 2011. As of 2020, Total Conversion is near the Presidental train at the west side of the smouldering Yellowstone crater, one of the last habitable areas of Earth during its Global Cooling crisis.


Brett is a suburban kid. He's generally easy-going.

Powers and Abilities

Brett has the power to imbue cards with the ability to imprison people. He simply needs to make contact between the targets ans his cards. He's become expert in throwing those cards. He started with business cards, but he now uses playing cards. He can release people at will from these cards. Brett can put this ability into any cards; he merely prefers to have a full deck on hand.

Those within the cards, feel like they are trapped within a small thin room. They can move within the limits of the room. They are in a kind of stasis, wherein they do not feel hunger. But boredom, definitely. They can see outside the card (and people can see them), on the "face" side - but usually the view is not impressive.

The cards can defeat attempts to escape them, but only if Brett knows what powers to expect. Lauren Ferguson escaped from a card once, by revealing her teleportation powers.

Lauren and the Powernaut have each wielded these cards, so it's probable that others can also. The Strategosonce obtained a couple of cards to experiment upon. But it's likely the cards lose their power when deactivated and separated from Brett.


Brett wears a "croupier" viser, and stylish street clothes appropriate to the occasion. His mama taught him to dress right.


Author's Notes

I've just completed the Reality House series. It is well past time that I catch up with its characters.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 29 December 2020.

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