DuoPolarity of Boston, N.A.

News Release

DuoPolarity of Boston, N.A. Response Statement

13 December 1995

Background: The United Nations space station UNITY, which incorporated the Russian space station Mir, had a power supply crisis on 10 December 1995, due to various computer malfunctions which disabled power systems. This crisis placed in jeopardy the lives of thirty astronauts. The following response may be attributed to Ingrid Bodil, vice president and technical director, DuoPolarity of Boston.

"In response to a crisis declared by the United Nations, the DuoPolarity Companies sent their spacecraft Challenger II to resupply the UNITY space station with materials needed to support its power systems. The resupply effort succeeded, and the crisis on board UNITY was resolved.

"One of our astronauts, Karen Bodil, disappeared in an unexplained phenomenon during the mission. We believe she may still be alive, and we are organizing a rescue effort for her."



Media contact:

Wyatt Ferguson