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Our mission: Do work, have fun, get paid.

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DuoPolarity of Boston, North America is a forward-looking company whose mission is to exploit the full potential of modern technology in all its forms.

And also to do work, have fun, and get paid.

  • Work = what society needs to keep going.
  • Fun = do useful and challenging work.
  • Paid = do work someone wants.
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Meet the Employees of DuoPolarity

Technological Experience

DuoPolarity of Boston, along with its trading partner Eiler Technical Enterprises, provide a wide range of up-to-date technological expertise. Our products are used by NASA, the United States Air Force, NOAA, and several phone companies and hospitals.

Job Opportunities

DuoPolarity of Boston currently has the following job openings. All openings are at our Boston office, conveniently overlooking Kenmore Square. All applicants to be considered for these openings will have the ability to speak English, know computers, and not be total idiots.

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