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Minions of Eiler Unite!

Domination of Eiler Update, 16 April 2011

The Domination of Eiler is going viral with its communications. Its web pages never did play nicely with other proprietary web pages, but its plain text can go everywhere.

Updates since the last blog back in January (

Superhuman World 2011 ( is going plain text. The Domination's engineering force has already figured out how to make the pages pretty on the web site. It just needs to figure out the links... But the text editor on the Conquering Cell Phone puts in links without even thinking hard, so it can't be that difficult.

The Giftmas project to re-create the Civil War with Virginia on the Union side, has made it to late 1863. Everything other than Appalachia, Florida, Georgia and the West has been overrun by Federal armies. The Confederacy has responded by declaring partisan warfare. So the game may go full length. Just like in the Domination's fiction-blog. (

The Conquering Cell Phone is now being equipped with music from (for instance) T.H. and the Wreckage. A bunch more bands like that, and it really will be time to either give up or seek new music. Probably not downloads, though; most online downloads are way too high-fidelity to take up all that extra storage space. But used CDs are readily available online...

The Domination's fitness staff is still unemployed, which is just as well. The apartment complex has mysteriously given up on group fitness. But they've upgraded the weight room, so the Dominator's personal fitness is not suffering.

Engineering employment is hot and heavy. The corporate phone-company sponsors could in theory fire the whole staff at any time, but then who would "retire" all the excess software from mergers? The bosses have even brought back the guy who trained the Domination's lead engineer for this project. In comic book terms, it's like a team-up of thunder gods.

The Domination's musical force has finally played the harmonica in church. This was slightly more musical than all the times it farted in church. In general, the resident flute player handles the accompaniment, which is for the best.

Life in the New Happy Land of Eiler has fallen into a lazy regular pattern, worth a separate post. It might be time to start expanding the Domination's Frontline again. Until recently, the Dominator could see his Frontline out his apartment window. Now trees hide it, but it's still pretty close. An expedition into British Columbia should fix that, maybe next month.

Life is good.

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