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Minions of Eiler Unite!

The Flower Forge of Dominance

The Domination of Eiler is enhancing its power and prestige in its Bothell-Washington District of Dominance for U.S. Independence Day weekend, in a joint exercise with local allies. The town's having a parade on Monday, and the Domination is marching!

The exercise has begun with building a giant birthday cake, to be pulled on a parade float. Bothell is observing its 125th birthday, and so is its First Lutheran Church. This church predates Washington statehood and is considered a pioneer church. The Dominator is having flashbacks to 1996, the 250th birthday of Douglas-Massachusetts and its First Congregational Church.

Of course any birthday cake requires icing, preferably with flowery flourishes which resemble rosettas. The womenfolk of First Lutheran Church worked on flowers, while the men did construction. Through most of the day there were quite enough men for that, so aside from one manly episode with WD-40 (standard Domination bike gear) and a trailer hitch, the Dominator took confidence in his own manhood and worked with the women.

So was established the Flower Forge of Dominance. The Dominator spent about five hours cutting cheap red plastic tablecloths into little pieces suitable for church ladies to fold into flower form.

The weather was sunny and 75 Fahrenheit degrees. This is actually common for metro Seattle in the summer. (This is a closely guarded secret so as to scare off immigrants.) But it makes the natives wilt. (The Dominator is slightly stronger than that, having crossed Montana last summer.) So the menfolk other than the Dominator disappeared, while the Flower Forge continued in the shade.

Through the day, the Domination's "Great Blade of Fredericksburg" Swiss Army knife moved freely of its own volition, to assist the allies in at least four different capacities. (Slicey tool, pokey tool, sawey tool, pryey tool.) The power of duct tape was also in evidence; it was lining the birthday banner. (Coincidentally, the Domination's fiction blog for this weekend features, "THE POWER OF THE TAPE!"

So, the Dominance plan for this weekend is on track. All Hail the Domination!


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