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Minions of Eiler Unite!

Find Yourself a Mighty Domination 2011

Think of it as an Xmas card. To the tune of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", as always.

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The Domination of Eiler has extensive Xmas ritual. ( It is now teaching itself to skip most of that.

Gifts now go out as gift cards. Christmas cards go mostly to those who gather together and read bulletin boards made of cork. The Domination's other allies are either right here in the District of Dominance where the Dominator can greet them personally, or on the Internet where they can read holiday greetings via Facebook. Here's your holiday greeting, citizens.

Righteous workers of Bothell-Washington prepared for holidays on Christmas Eve Eve, by going out for Partymas lunch. The righteous management had already departed for end-of-year family time. The Domination of Eiler now sends out Merry Christmas, Blessed Yuletide, and belated Happy Diwali greetings to its local work allies.

Several of the Domination's local Pagan and Hindu allies are gathering on Christmas Eve for a social. Of course, righteous churchgoers of Bothell-Washington gather then too, albeit inside a church. The Domination Guard's choral force will sing alongside Christian Lutheran allies.

The Domination of Eiler has reactivated its long-dormant art staff. It's been working overtime lately, making team-building portraits for local work and local church, plus putting out a webcomic!

The Domination of Eiler strings up winter lights inside the Dominator's chambers from November through February. It put up the Christmas Stick earlier this month - hand-harvested from Alaska! ( Tonight it put up the Action Figure Nativity Scene. Perhaps it's tasteless, but it's what's on hand to commemorate the Christian Savior. Legend, counter-clockwise:

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- Starry sky portrayed by a dusty TV set.

- The Angel Gabriel portrayed by Gumby.

- The Heavenly Choir is portrayed by a cartoon of the choir of the Judson Memorial Baptist Church of South Lansing, Michigan, as portrayed by the Domination's art staff. ( A copy hangs within that church. It's what first convinced the Domination of Eiler, team-building cartoons are good things.

- The Three Wise Men are portrayed by customized Marvel Comics action figures for the Techno-Magus, the Over-Mind, and the High Evolutionary.

- Joseph played by Bobby Drake, Iceman of Marvel Comics.

- The Baby Jesus played by Marvin the Martian. In a return engagement!

- Mary played by Susan Richards, the Invisible Woman of Marvel Comics.

- Manger animals have custom figures Beta Ray Bill and Nemesis the Warlock for stand-ins.

- Portraying shepards are the custom figure Captain Everything and the once-publicly-available Captain Britain.

Of course the Domination has plans for the holy weekend:

- Awake in time to buy some provisions and commune with citizens as usual on Saturday afternoon, which happens to be Christmas Eve.

- A nap might be good after that. Also, wrap the one or two presents to give for Giftmas.

- Sing at Lutheran church on Christmas Eve. The local Lutherans are the pioneer church, founded 1886.

- Probably go for church on Christmas morning as well, since it's at the sensible hour of 10 am, and nobody's around to wake the Dominator earlier than what is sensible.

- On the way home from church, stop by the neighborhood pub (which is inside a Denny's) to commune with some more citizens and drop off a present for the staff on duty. (That's the most important new Domination of Eiler Christmas tradition so far.) This year's present is a candle. Girl staff love candles. Boy staff love things that burn.

- Then, probably go home and cook a steak... Denny's is wonderful in its own way. They cover Christmas Day in shifts, largely because the local staff regards its customers and vice versa. And the Domination's Hindu friends love to pig out on exotic Denny's cuisine like pancakes and banana splits. But Domination steak beats Denny's steak, mostly because it's thicker. This weekend it will also likely have the advantage of not coming home from Denny's in the rain. Gray Christmas!

Local allies proclaim, there are other dining options on Christmas Day. But in the District of Dominance around Bothell-Washington, these mostly apply if one dines twenty miles from home. Coincidentally, local allies dream of liberating their land from dependency on petroleum. The Domination of Eiler lives that dream, and dominates local.

Merry Xmas to all, wherein X stands for all the December holidays. And let all of us who actually observe Christmas Eve consciously bow down to the mighty Jesus of Nazareth, not just to some cute baby in a manger.

The Domination of Eiler believes in free sharing of information. But if you intend to reproduce significant parts of this commentary, be aware that it is copyright © 2013-2016 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.