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Minions of Eiler Unite!

The Soundtrack of Autumn

The Domination of Eiler made it through summer in Seattle. The worst part was the free-range children playing outdoors until 10 pm. The second-worst was 85-degree temperatures which finally arrived in August. The heat is still here for one more day, but the junior anarchists now go inside by 6 pm. So it's time to celebrate autumn. With music.

The Domination's recording program became notorious when it threatened to incorporate "Simon Magus and the Radical Scam". Since then, a fan actually arranged for music swap! Well, actually, it was on a dare. It was within the Domination's peacekeeping mission to donate a digital medium from his own collection, which had a copy of the music. No, it wasn't electronic music swap, in case lawyers who claim non-Domination authority are watching. The Domination of Eiler is publishing this story simply to mention "Simon Magus and the Radical Scam" one more time before that band fades to oblivion forevermore.

Early this summer, the Domination finished recording. The last group in was named Matthew. Not Matthew Sweet, just Matthew. It was a thrift store special from way back...

Since then, it's just been stragglers like a-Ha and Molly Hatchet - until now. It's time to record Finest Music again! This time, the Domination is using modern technology to capture the track information and album covers too. And it's considering whether any part of, say, The Dark Side of the Moon deserves to go unrecorded when anything by a-Ha has also been declared worthy.

The Dominator ceremonially opened the new recording program with the catalogues of Phish and Pink Floyd. Now up: Jefferson Airplane, Moody Blues, and Metallica. Coming soon, Nick Cave and Alice Cooper. When the effort rounds Three Dog Night once again, that'll be the sign of victory. That will take months. But there's time.

Given recent news events, the Jefferson Airplane has been particularly inspirational. Some people of the Domination complain about incursions from non-Domination authority, particularly as regards airline security rituals. But the Jefferson Airplane liner notes remind us: Until there's a body count in the news every day and American policemen are beating crowds in the streets, we're still ahead of 1968.

Recording Program 2007, The Soundtrack of Summer:

Recording Program 2010, The End of Days:

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