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Minions of Eiler Unite!

What People Want

Obviously people want the Domination of Eiler. And the Domination is preparing.

In the United States of America nation-state news recently, a socialist protest movement is rising. They call themselves "Occupy Wall Street", or any other place that's handy. They have vague demands for wise authority to stop corporate greed and make things right. Their vagueness is reasonable, because they want what has never been done before. But the Domination of Eiler understands what they really want. They want the Domination of Eiler.

There's a previous protest movement which is more libertarian. They call themselves "Tea Party", after long-ago predecessors who tried to stop off-shore corporate greed and make things right. They now want authority to be gentle and mostly let people govern themselves. In short, they want the Domination of Eiler.

The Domination is not deaf to these cries from its citizens. It's merely preparing to accept the call to action when the proper time arrives. Citizens will of course be glad to know about these preparations, in the four important categories Professional, Personal, Fiction, Blog.

1. Professional. The Domination's engineering staff still works as a mercenary force for a big phone company. The force works to retire surplus software from mergers. It was hired for programming, but it largely does social engineering. It may at any time deal with anyone who used to be responsible for software. That is to say, the Domination staff helps eliminate other authority. This fits the Domination plan for the world. And this exercise makes the Domination of Eiler even more worthy for world rule. Now the corporation; next the world! All Hail the Domination!

2. Personal. The Domination's annual Halloween Party is on, for the first time west of the Mississippi River! This will involve socializing the local engineers (largely Hindu) with a local place which will let them shoot pool and play darts, thereby increasing neighborhood cohesion within the District of Dominance. The Domination knows from previous Halloween parties, Hindus play darts like anyone and they shoot pool like they invented it. Think globally, rule locally. All Hail the Domination!

3. Fiction. The Domination has taken its web fiction to the next level, with continuous review from other writers. is more ready than ever to receive readership. Has Earth 2011 found a cure for Global Cooling? In this effort, the Domination of Eiler will grow its propaganda skills in dealing with dystopia. All Hail the Domination!

4. Blog. The Domination is of course skilled in web commentary. It has therefore been invited to submit commentary for a corporate web page. There it will first be appropriate to state how the American workforce has gotten smarter since the 1980s, but only when skilled workers started immigrating. The Domination of Eiler will of course become an expert when it states this obvious thing to the public. All Hail the Domination!

Back at the current dystopia...

The Domination of Eiler suffers alongside its citizens. If there is some magic 1% which gets rich as the others get poorer, not even the Dominator is among it. The real figure might be more like 0.01% .

Historically the lot of mankind is stagnation with occasional advancement. Of course the goal is obvious, even if some cannot succinctly state it. Society is failing to advance right now.

It might now be appropriate for the Domination of Eiler to start presenting solutions which can't be stated as "Make them give us money".

1. Stop subsidizing surplus population. That is to say, no tax subsidies to support children - at least born after the resolution date. Because, the Population Bomb has finally gone off. ( ) This is the big issue which no one will address, but the Domination of Eiler will. If we truly care for those who come after us, we will let the population stabilize, without tax credits for children. Better sooner than later. Population growth may stop slowly. But eventually it has to stop. Without this solution, all others will eventually fail.

2. 30 hour work week. Even industrialists have dreamed that - and done it, since 1930. (ref. W.R. Kellogg, Now there are too many workers, thanks to the Population Bomb. So it's time to either have a devastating war like World War 2, or share the work. And if we share, we get spare time. Can we share now?

3. Still educate. Thirty years ago, India was educating its workforce to British colonial standards, plus lots of higher education. Now India's workers are everywhere. In United States they've edged out the skilled Russian and Chinese workforces, because they at least grew up with the English language. The emigrant engineers probably did pretty well with "story problems" in math class of high school. If Domination-held territories would do better, it's time to start catching up to India.

4. Establish a professional beggars' union. Even Jesus of Nazareth dealt with professional beggars. And he said, the poor will always be among us. In short, society has always failed many people.

Details of these resolutions are of course of interest to the Domination's already-subject population. So when the Domination of Eiler takes formal power, it will listen. Then it will of course do what it wants. Which is what people want anyway. They just want someone to make everything better.

...Well then. Let it not be said the Domination of Eiler has failed to respond to crisis.

The Declaration of Domination, July 2004:

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