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Morningstar is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Laura Greene
Team Affiliations: The Balance
Status: Inactive
Location: probably that Earth with all the Powernauts by now
Favorite Music: Keith Green
Character Portrait


In 1990, Laura Greene was a college student at Michigan State University. She was at a Christian youth group meeting one evening, at an auditorium of the College of Engineering. She'd walked out to use the restroom, when one armored intruder named Domesday came to steal a powerful gem of some sort. Laura got swirled into a confrontation between Domesday and the Balance. She wound up going in and out of darkness, with the gem fused to her hand.

The Balance (then consisting of Captain Gonzo, Ellipsis, and the Mighty Tim) rescued Laura and unfused the gem from her. But she still had access to its power. She (and somehow the gem) felt like they needed her witness in their life. So she went on further adventures with the Balance.

The membership of the team changed over subsequent decades. At times the team disbanded, but later they had seven members. Laura stayed in touch with them and with the entire superhuman community, even while getting married and having two children. She's passed the stone on to another, but she's still in touch.


Laura is about the sweetest Christian woman that one may imagine. She's not a simple-minded zealot; she's even impressed Ellipsis with her outreach.

Powers and Abilities

When in contact with her stone, Laura was able to telekinetically manipulate several tons of matter - provided the matter was biological. Her power extended to cell manipulation; she once rebuilt her own hand, with the help of the Balance.

The gem gave Laura some protection from mental manipulation (such as from Ellipsis), but it could be overwhelmed by other new mentalists.


As Morningstar, Laura wore an eyemask and a modest costume.


Author's Notes

Morningstar was one of the original cornerstones of my fiction. Her history is so extensive, that at least one major contact with Goldrush is inconsequential to her. Indeed, she was unconscious through most or all of it. Still, they are getting their debuts in the Wiki together.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 8 March 2023.

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