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Goldrush is an anti-hero (at best), created by (anonymous).
Alter Ego: unknown
Aliases: Shred; Express
Team Affiliations: He claims Total Conversion, but they deny it
Status: Active until the Icepocalypse of his world; under ice thereafter
Location: Literally under ice, near the Yellowstone Crater of Earth-SW10, 2023
Favorite Music: Bon Jovi
Character Portrait


A young superhuman under the name "Shred" ran (literally) across a U.S. Government attempt to capture Total Conversion in New York City in 1992. The superhero team had previously gone public on the David Letterman show. The Government team of super-agents captured both Shred and Crusher Joe Corrigan. The remainder of Total Conversion liberated the two of them from a secret Government base, and Shred evacuated to the Bahamas with them.

Shred changed his name to Express, and was sucked into a time-travel adventure alongside Total Conversion. Then he departed the team, went back to New York City to swipe those of his belongings he wanted, went into hiding, and occasionally messed with street racers.

When superhumans converged upon New York City for its Biggest Wave of 1995, Goldrush had changed his name again and was already there. He ran (literally) across the heroine Morningstar of the Balance, who had fallen unconscious after encountering supervillains on her own. Goldrush was videotaped exposing himself to her. But he was "run off" by a third party - who moved too quickly for even him to identify.

The exposure incident would have its price, though - literally. The videotape was auctioned off for millions of dollars, with all copies presumably destroyed. Goldrush protested his innocence, based upon the presence of another super-speedster in the area that day. But this was to no avail. He fled and took up service with criminals.

Goldrush was too flamboyant for New York criminals. He wound up in Atlantic City - in the entourage of Donald Trump. That lifestyle attracted him. That relationship lasted throughout Trump's presidency - which ended under an iceberg near the Yellowstone Crater around the year 2023. Goldrush is presumed to be under that iceberg also. Others fled that doomed world through reality portals. But no sensible world wanted anything to do with Trump or Goldrush.


Goldrush wants the world to know, he's just a fun-loving guy who pushes the boundaries a bit. Sensible people of the multiverse want nothing to do with him. That's how he wound up with Donald Trump.

Powers and Abilities

Goldrush has standard extensible claws, plus superhuman speed.


Goldrush's most emblemic costume is a replica outfit of the FTD Florist Man, complete with flowers being blown apart by the wind. He has had long hair and shaved hair at different times.


  • Earliest Appearance and First Published: "The Superhuman Control Initiative", 1992, in convention roleplaying games of the 1990s.
  • Most Recent Publication: Powernaut 1995 #6.
  • Latest Appearance: "Gold Rush", 1996, in convention roleplaying games of the 1990s.

Author's Notes

Powernaut Comics has retroactively determined that Goldrush did not actually rape anyone during the events of Powernaut 1995. Beyond that, the less said, the better.

I have no reliable way of contacting the creator of this character. He has no motive for releasing the character's story. So this creator shall remain "anonymous".

(signed) Scott Eiler, 8 March 2023.

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