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Julie Wolcott is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Giulia Anna Moretti-Wolcott (legally, Julie Wolcott)
Aliases: Scudbuster II (Scudbuster Julie); Morningstar II (Morningstar Julie); "Mrs. Ellipsis" (though she hates being called that)
Team Affiliations: Total Conversion; The Combine
Status: Active
Location: Western Australia (as of 2013)
Favorite Music: Madonna; Taylor Swift
Character Portrait


Giulia Anna Moretti (later, Julie Wolcott) is the daughter of Louis Moretti, a notorious entrepeneur on the edge of the law in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Giulia was the youngest of five children; all of her older siblings were brothers.

Giulia was one of the Hyper-Children, kidnapped by the Hyper-Piper of Hypergaard in 1969 to become one of his warriors for the future. She was one year old at the time. She was rescued by the Powernaut of that era, and went through childhood normally after that.

By 1987, Giulia's youngest brother had disappeared. Her father Louis felt it prudent to send Giulia out of state to university, at Michigan State. Giulia took the name "Julie" there, and became a journalist for the campus newspaper. During her senior year in 1991 she met Stephen Wolcott, and discovered he was the mutant Ellipsis. They became involved romantically, and moved to New York City together when they graduated in 1991. They married in early 1992.

In New York City, Julie worked as a reporter for the Post. This lasted until she and Stephen formed the Total Conversion Foundation shortly after their marriage. Julie worked as administrator and superhuman liaison, while the introspective Stephen concentrated on science. This arrangement worked out surprisingly well. Indeed, the Foundation survived because Julie Wolcott recruited superhumans faster than the United States National Security Agency could. Julie became respected among superhumans.

Toward the end of 1992, Julie relocated to the Bahamas alongside Total Conversion. In June 1994, that team's superhuman Scudbuster was driven crazy by his alien armor; he kidnapped Julie. After a grand chase around the world, he was slain by Stonewater.

Julie remained with Total Conversion throughout their war against the Last Army. In October 1998, Julie and her husband Stephen were deported to another universe. In 1999, the heroes Morningstar, Stonewater, and Wyatt Ferguson rescued them. They returned just in time for an end-of-world scenario, driven by the alien conqueror Urr. Julie died briefly during that incident, but was returned - and bonded to the Scudbuster armor!

In 2000, the Total Conversion Foundation relocated to the now-independent nation of Greenland. In August 2001, Julie and Stephen responded together to an airline crisis over Manhattan. They each disabled one rogue jumbo jet about to crash into the World Trade Center - but Julie lost her Scudbuster armor in the process. That armor took down the twin towers of the WTC, one month later.

From 2004 to 2006, Julie and Stephen were maritally separated. Julie went to work for Wyatt Ferguson, until he disappeared in 2005. After fruitless investigation, Julie resigned.

Eventually in 2006, she became bitter enough to hunt her husband. By then he'd gone into the Dreamtime, as part of a plot by the original Balance plus new members to save one of their own from unwanted power. Julie took the place of the original Morningstar in that final confrontation. She stayed alongside Ellipsis and the Mighty Tim in the Dreamtime, as the new Morningstar.

In 2008, mystic forces rebelled against them. Julie was expelled from the Dreamtime. She returned alongside Wyatt Ferguson, to bring the others back safely. She still wielded the Morningstar stone, and continues with it to this day.


Even at the age of forty-something years old, Julie Wolcott can be described as "bubbly". But she's not stupid. She's now an experienced corporate administrator. In the somewhat constrained realm of superhuman corporations, Julie is in high demand.

When Julie was a reporter, she was the "crusading" variety. She meshes nicely with her husband Stephen in this. They both wish to publish information as widely as possible.

Julie is estranged from her family, since her brother disappeared.

Since her time in Wisconsin and Michigan, Julie has acknowledged she suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Whenever she spends a wintertime outside of tropical parts of the Earth, she has to "sunbathe" in special light to avoid mental depression.

Powers and Abilities

Julie Wolcott has been trained in martial arts. Her husband Stephen (Ellipsis) has implanted his own martial knowledge in her. But more importantly, Julie has trained alongside Jill Stern, Stonewater. Julie can incapacitate any two or three normal human attackers, without benefit of superhuman powers.

Julie also has mental discipline, picked up from Stephen. She adapts well to superhuman power when it comes her way.

  • From the late 1990s until 2001, Julie had operation of the Scudbuster hyperspeed armor. It had a typical set of Powered Armor powers, but it could also travel at the fastest speed possible in Earth's atmosphere. The armor once got from Antarctica to North America in one minute. However, it was alien armor; this tended to drive human wielders mad, even highly-trained soldiers. Still, Julie Wolcott wielded the armor for several years.
  • From 2006 onward, Julie has wielded the Morningstar stone. It has telekinetic control over organic matter, to an arbitrarily fine level - provided that mentalists such as Ellipsis assist. With Ellipsis assisting, Julie has moved masses in excess of 100 tons. Even without his assistace, Morningstar Julie is the most powerful telekinetic on Earth.


Julie Wolcott is 5' 3" (160 cm) tall. She has long straight black hair. She has gained a slight amount of weight and a few marks of age since her early maturity, but she is still healthy for a woman her size and age. The Morningstar stone does not affect her appearance.


Author's Notes

To the new readers: I don't quite understand all those old references myself, and I wrote them! If you understand the summary, let that be good enough.

When I try to make this entry relevant to the Powernaut's readership... Julie Wolcott is a lot like Princess Leia. And oh, my, there's a Star Wars controversy about how the next generation General Leia Organa wouldn't look good in a slave bikini anymore. Well, go figure. Julie Wolcott 2016 is hereby dedicated to General Leia, and to everyone else who is now a mature character of a future generation.

"Julie Hunts Her Husband" was how I responded to the Stephen King "You Want to Be a Writer" challenge, long ago.

(signed) Scott Eiler, January 2016.

This entry and all characters within it are copyright © 2016 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.