Travelog of Chicago and Northeast Indiana, 2008

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Domination of Eiler Journal #18: Operation Mad Anthony

What Is the Domination of Eiler?

In one sense, "The Domination of Eiler" is a political entity modeled upon the Holy Roman Empire. Which is to say, it works through national and local political entities, but transcends nation-state boundaries. You may already be a citizen without knowing it!

In another sense, "The Domination of Eiler" is a pen name for an amateur but very prolific web journalist. Perhaps you may enjoy these travel writings, given this simple guide:

  • The Domination of Eiler is led by, of course, the Dominator.
  • Its chief military force, and bodyguard of the Dominator, is the Domination Guard.
  • The Domination's world headquarters is now in Lansing-Michigan. As such, some nearby areas in the North Eileranian heartland are targets for Domination patrols. Northern Indiana is among these.
  • It's spring vacation time, including a three-day fitness convention in Chicago-Illinois. The question is, what else to do for a week?

    Fort Wayne was not considered such a great prize as to require a Friday night head start. The expeditionary forces departed from the Great Hall of Eiler in Lansing-Michigan in decent order on Saturday morning. (Operational music "I Ain't Got No Heart".)

    Operational Map

    Day 1: Saturday 29 Mar 2008

    Auburn Day

    On the way to Fort Wayne, a tourist brochure of Auburn-Indiana was conquered. Brochure claims that Auburn has seven museums - which is roughly one museum for every 2000 residents. Decided, worth a visit. The town ate the whole day.

    Beware the Mighty Duck
    A famous "Duck" amphibious assault vehicle, in the Kruse Automotive and World War II Victory Museum compound. See also:

  • The Crowd at the Hoosier Air Museum
  • Hicksville and Proud Of It. An actual town named Hicksville is just over the Ohio border.
  • Day 2: Sunday 30 Mar 2008

    Fort Wayne Day

    Before leaving Auburn, the Kingdom of Heaven was honored alongside the local Presbyterians. Service was so Protestant-traditional it was almost painful. Pastor spoke about feeding the poor, though the church had nothing on the schedule which would actually feed the poor.

    Next target is Fort Wayne, 20 miles away. Troops arrived at about noon. This being Sunday, the Lincoln Museum opens at 1.

    Intervening time was spent looking for lodging and restaurants downtown. Three barstool-based restaurants were found - all closed for the day. "Old Gas House Saloon" might be open, but no single restaurant can carry an entire vacation day. No other open restaurant is fancier than a family-style buffet. Given that, downtown lodging is plentiful but irrelevant. Fort Wayne just earned a spot on the Sunday Dead Page!

    Therefore retreated to north side of town to establish EilerBarracks at Country Inn and Suites, then back downtown. Rain closing in, so went by car.

    Infestation Zone
    An aggressive invasive species is infesting Fort Wayne's hothouses. See also:

  • Obscure Pictures of Lincoln
  • Sunday dinner at a chain-based restaurant near a strip mall. Best dining in Fort Wayne! Then hibernated at hotel, with help of a hot tub and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on cable TV.

    Day 3: Monday 31 Mar 2008

    Huntington - Warsaw Day

    It Really Is a Fort Named Wayne
    Fort Wayne actually has a fort. See also:

  • Inside The Dan Quayle Museum, Huntington
  • Outside The Dan Quayle Museum, Huntington
  • The Great Hall of Xmas Ornaments, Warsaw
  • Huntington-Indiana is one more county south, 20 miles away. And it has a target of opportunity: the Dan Quayle Vice-Presidential Museum! Plus a couple more museums and parks. Open Monday? We'll soon find out. But first, Fort Wayne has some attractions that open on Mondays!

    Chose to skip the Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum and the Mad Anthony Brewing Company, because the battery of the Flagship Automobile of Dominance was getting cranky at doing the job of a bicycle. Instead, Huntington's attractions got their fair chance to be dominated.

    Next target, Warsaw-Indiana; this time, 30 miles. but otherwise it has hotels and restaurants.

    Day 4: Tuesday 1 Apr 2008

    Transit Day

    This day is allocated purely for the three-hour drive into Chicago from northern Indiana. Down time therefore abounds.

    Day 5: Wednesday 2 Apr 2008

    Chicago Day

    Hotel was good enough to allow sleeping in until 9 am, or 10 am in Michigan time units. (Complimentary fresh fruit and corn flakes until 11!) Good thing, too; today's going to be a long day. Longstanding Chicago targets will finally submit to the Domination of Eiler.

    Skyline with Flamingos
    Chicago has flamingos, at the Lincoln Park Zoo. See also:

  • Chicago Has Hothouses Just Like Indiana Does
  • Day 6: Thursday 3 Apr 2008

    Palatine Day

    Here starts the regular business of the Domination of Eiler in Illinois.

    Day 7: Friday 4 Apr 2008

    Fitness Day 1

    ... No need to change yesterday's journal.

    It's fitness convention time at IDEA WindyCon or whatever they call their Chicago convention. Took copious notes at the con three years ago. With few exceptions, these notes are good enough for this year's episode too.

    Day 8: Saturday 5 Apr 2008

    Fitness Day 2

    See Fitness Day 1.

    Saw one injury among the student-instructors. Paid presenters talk about keeping the exercises safe for the general population, but they don't always do that at conventions. More often they overcrowd a conference room, give instructions like "Double Chaisse Mambo Reverse Chaisse Pivot!", and expect people to move in the same direction and not trip.

    Day 8: Sunday 6 Apr 2008

    Homeward Day

    Morning like unto Fitness Day 1. Afternoon on road. For evening, shoehorned one more hotel stay in. Regular employer can spare a couple of hours time tomorrow while the Domination expeditionary force takes a vacation to recover from its vacation. Michigan target Coldwater or Battle Creek will hopefully provide one last restful full-service venue. (Comfort Inn of Battle Creek got its chance. Not the fullest of service, but restful enough.)

    Ribbon of Domination

    The operation shows these signs of success, to which Indiana and Illinois both contributed:

    The Domination will admit to these operational shortcomings, though:

    But Domination of Eiler forces return sore but triumphant as ever, all praise to the One Maker.

    (signed) Dominator S. Eiler, Fist of the One Maker, for the Domination of Eiler.

    The Domination of Eiler believes in free sharing of information. But if you wish to reproduce significant parts of the commentary within, be aware that it is © copyright 2008 by Eiler Technical Enterprises. And have a niiiice daay.