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Hooray for World Domination!

Domination of Eiler

The Blog of Domination #7

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"Blog" is short for "Web log". Which is to say, an online diary.

There are special occasions where Domination conquests or other incidents inside the Core Territories are particularly worthy of note. For these occasions, the Domination has finally established a web log.

Like most blogs, the most recent episodes come first. Not quite like storytelling, eh?

January 2007 - December 2006

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In This Episode:

29 January 2007

The Domination of Eiler is on its way to more domination. But not locally. Featuring: The End of EilerBase Palatine!

Per its operational plan for this winter, the Domination of Eiler has been in attack mode on multiple fronts. Up until now, the local small business front has been the primary target.

But today, the continental cyber-business front submits. Today, the Domination of Eiler finally received an alliance offer from a large consulting company - based outside the District of Dominance.

Local allies at the charity thrift store were given a chance to respond to the external alliance offer. The proper response would be, more work.

  • There's no lack of work at the thrift store. It's a chain of stores. The Domination of Eiler now has experience in running retail stores, and could do this throughout the chain.
  • The chain has a fairly substantial line of command. With fairly substantial computer systems. The Domination of Eiler has massive experience in the maintenance of small business computer systems.
  • Any offer of more work at any store or office would have sufficed, as long as it would eventually lead to health insurance. Which is standard, for those who do enough work for this employer.

Unfortunately, the response from those who command the local allies can roughly be expressed as "So What". In other words, it seems the Domination Guard garrison is not the indispensible gift of the One Maker to the local homeless women and children. And that's understandable. To paraphrase what Jesus of Nazareth once said, the poor shall always be among us, but no single life is forever.

Therefore, today the Domination of Eiler begins the procedure (and extensive paperwork) to declare a six-month alliance with a corporation to be referred to as "Earth Domination Society". To cement the alliance, the District of Dominance will relocate from Palatine-Illinois to Lansing-Michigan, where the new ally has a major installation. (For historical reasons, this ally builds its compounds near General Motors plants.)

  • The alliance will require that the Dominator's chambers be emptied out within one and a half weeks. It took two months the last time. But according to Domination plan, the last time did most of the hard work. This operation should therefore be feasible.
  • At the end of the alliance, a goodwill tour of North Eilerania is likely, to enhance the Domination's prestige.

Next week, many ceremonies will be held within the Core Territories of Illinois to mark The End. Under the circumstances, the personnel at the thrift store are entirely understanding, and will even declare a pizza party for the occasion. Allies at a park district, an apartment complex, a church, a cyber-church, an Internet commune dealing in free stuff, a large former corporate-ally, a comic book store, and two brewpubs also have an interest.

The Domination Guard will be too busy packing the Dominator's personal effects (again) and working for the current employers in Illinois, to document all these ceremonies in this weblog. Suffice it to say, all allies will be given full honor. All Hail the Domination -and glory to those who hail it!

But the Domination forces will inevitably come back, even if only briefly. Greater Chicago (a.k.a."Chicagoland") is centrally located to the continent of North Eilerania, and convenient to the Domination's needs. So the continental EilerDepot will be maintained here.

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10 January 2007

The Winter Offensive
The Domination of Eiler is in full attack mode on the local front.

As per the recommendations of those who recommend Creative Visualization, the Domination of Eiler is visualizing more domination. But it's not just visualizing, it's acting. The winter offensive of the Domination of Eiler is underway, to enhance its local prestige and power.

  • Morning: Local ally "Sparrow's Nest Thrift Store" needs some help with its communications equipment, particularly phone lines and fax machines. And it already employs the Domination Guard engineering force! So, the Guard took the grand tour of the Sparrow facilities.
    • Home office in Crystal Lake-Illinois was rumored to have a spare fax machine. This rumor was false. Oh well. Still said hello to management contacts.
    • Store in McHenry-Illinois could have used a spare fax machine, but they'll have to live with the same temperamental old model the other stores live with. Oh well. But the Guard routed their credit card line so it doesn't interfere with their phone line! This took about one minute.
    • Store in Cary-Illinois has another temperamental old fax machine. Oh well. The Guard proved, this machine can be made to work.
    • Many of the store staff was unsure what to do, when the big Domination Guard trooper marched in, wearing his sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat, and stylish Luftwaffe bomber jacket. But the ruling class just said Hi. The Domination patrols are no stranger to them.
    • Lunch on the road, at a Chinese restaurant.
  • Afternoon: Regular duty at Palatine-Illinois Sparrow's Nest installation. Dinner on the road, at a White Castle restaurant.
  • Evening: Second night of regular calisthentics for the citizens of the Township Palatine, led by the Domination Guard aerobics force.
    • Aerobics instructors deal with a surge of new students every January, due to New Year's resolutions. The Guard dealt with this surge two nights ago, its first night on duty, with nice simple calisthentics, without excessive choreography. Class that night went well.
    • Sadly, this night there was resistance from the Dominator's colon, which wasn't used to lunch and dinner on the road. The less said, the better.
    • Fortunately, the Park District had spare staff in place, just because the staff likes workouts too. So the workout continued uninterrupted. The Domination Guard has already helped out in a similar situation, because it likes workouts too.

Despite resistance, the offensive is proceeding well. All Hail the Domination!

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7 January 2007

Deconsecration Day (Observed)
The end of the Episcopal church in Hoffman Estates-Illinois... and some rather informal ritual.

The last Episcopal worship service in Hoffman Estates-Illinois was last week, on Martyred Baby Day. This week, a salvage crew was recruited from church parishioners and sent to work. The Domination Guard supported this maneuver.

  • Procedures were kept informal. The deconsecration of the church is simply a matter of the Episcopal Bishop of Chicago signing a piece of paperwork, submitted last month. The Bishop's been busy, though, so nobody's quite sure when he signed the paperwork.
  • Still, the Domination Bishop-Principal sang "Pie Jesu Domine" (just like in a Monty Python movie!) when the Domination Guard engineering force used its "Great Blade of Fredericksburg" Swiss Army knife to dismantle the Cross of the Altar of Repose. When assistants helped remove the arms from the Corpus of Jesus (which usually hangs on said Cross) to facilitate storage, the Domination Guard managed to avoid saying, "Make a wish!"... but just barely.
  • In the kitchen, church ladies were overjoyed to discover a treasure trove of paper plates, bowls, cups, and plasticware. The Domination Guard helped pack these, so they may serve the Domination in future. Many folding chairs were also saved. Many handmade banners of Sunday School manufacture will be left behind, though.
  • In its role as an officer of the Sparrow's Nest Thrift Store, the Domination Guard exercised salvage rights on two portable ovens and the fine china tea set. The church had one sweet old English lady who loved tea, but she's evacuated the parish in the opposite direction from the salvage crew, so it's likely that tea time won't be such a priority at the new church in Elk Grove-Illinois. The pastor was glad to hear that proceeds will go to a homeless shelter.
  • Some of the allies saved some walls and doorways from the bulldozers - by gleefully dismantling them themselves with hammer and crowbar. Some shelves were thereby evacuated for later use. These shelves will thereby live on to serve the Domination of Eiler and the One Maker, even when the building is dead.
  • The Dominator's colon insisted on a toilet test. The toilets were clean (until test time), but sadly remain broken since last week. Send the bulldozers, this church is done.
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6 January 2007

Creative Visualization and the Domination of Eiler
What does the Dominator want for the new year, when he already has world domination?

It's the New Year, when reckoned by prevailing standards in Domination-held lands. There are at least four active rival standards, observed by Hindus, Jews, Moslems, and Chinese. But for most people in the Domination of Eiler, the New Year starts when the people at the New Year's Eve party say it does.

Traditionally this is a time of resolutions, even at the governmental level. For instance, witness how the Domination of Eiler's subject-but-willfully-minded nation "United States of America" is redefining its freelance peacekeeping goals in Iraq. Aids in resolution may therefore be helpful to the Domination's citizenry, its subordinate governments, and even the Domination itself.

The Domination of Eiler has learned that one may get a wish granted, simply by writing it down once a day for about two weeks. This process is called "creative visualization", a.k.a. "Think and Grow Rich".

  • Creative visualization has apparently been in vogue since at least the 1920s... which could explain a big stock market crash. (ref.: Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich", 1937, though he started publishing his theories in 1919. Perhaps his message of 1937 was more fondly remembered, due to an upcoming wartime economic boom.)
  • As ridiculous as the process sounds, it has largely avoided public ridicule. It hasn't even been ridiculed in a Dilbert cartoon - because the cartoonist credits the process with Dilbert's popularity. (ref.: Scott Adams, "The Dilbert Future", 1998.)
  • Pseudo-scientifically speaking, the process may involve choosing the alternate future in which one's viewpoint self wants to live. Mystically speaking, it's like any form of spell-casting, or any form of prayer where one's Higher Power is a gift-giver like unto Santa Claus.
  • The Domination already acknowledges a line of command which extends beyond the known universe. It suspects its Higher Power is not nearly as much of a gift-giver as Santa Claus is. Still, the Domination will not immediately reject any metaphysical theory just because it involves unexplained phenomena or alternate universes.

Perhaps the process is unreliable for mass use, but can be made to work when individually tuned. This makes it of interest to the Domination of Eiler.

  • According to this theory, the Domination has a lot of wish-fulfillment going to waste. This could be dangerous.
  • Best guess is, the Domination's uncontrolled wishes help keep Chicago-Illinois bicycle season going year-round, thereby contributing to global warming. The Domination's Chief Meteorologist has already documented the Domination Effect on the local environment.
  • Despite intervention from a Weather Goddess which busted a previous drought, the Domination Effect continues - and may be increasing in power. Pavement Day, the first snow-free bke-riding day of 2007 and the end of Winter Bike Season, may actually have been 12 December 2006. Which would mean, Winter Bike Season 2007 lasted eight days, all of which were in 2006.
  • There is therefore evidence that the waste-wishes of the Domination of Eiler are contributing to global warming. Anything which counteracts global warming is said to be a Good Thing. Therefore, the Domination of Eiler needs to investigate this thinking on wish fulfillment, no matter how strange.

According to the theory, it helps if one's goals are specific, but not overambitious. And even then, creative visualization is not the whole solution. For example, these are bad goals:

  • "The Domination of Eiler shall dominate even more" is not specific enough. For this goal, the Domination recommends going out to dominate.
  • "The Domination of Eiler shall make people stop killing each other in the Middle East" is specific but overambitious. The Domination recommends avoiding the sort of goal that millions of other people want to deny you. For similar reasons, the Domination does not recommend praying to the One Maker to make you win the lottery.
  • "The Dominator shall survive a root canal operation on Tuesday mornng" is too specific. For this goal, the Domination recommends just surviving. (As it happens, the Domination will take this challenge.)
  • "The Domination forces shall get Tuesdays off from work" is specific enough, but not ambitious enough. For this goal, the Domination recommends just asking one's boss.
    • Reached the goal today, by the recommended method. The Domination's allies (when put together) want the Domination's involvement in their lives seven days a week, so getting Tuesday off every week is a victory.
    • Still, for strategic planning, perhaps a bigger goal would be useful.

So, an intermediate goal is in order, specific but not too ambitious.

The Domination of Eiler keeps its goals loose. Its overriding goal is always "The Domination of Eiler shall dominate even more", but its intermediate goals are not immediately obvious. At present, there are three possible ways to enhance the Domination of Eiler.

  1. "The Domination of Eiler shall increasingly engage its forces in its District of Dominance to enhance its power and prestige." (Which is to say, get even more jobs from local customers, whether or not they involve computer programming. The Domination's current allies are in the fields of retail and fitness. In the Domination of Eiler, the "Think and Grow Rich" motto is "Anything for a Buck".)
  2. "The Domination of Eiler shall hire its forces out as mercenaries to enhance its power." (Which is to say, go contracting some more in the Information Technology industry. Unfortunately, most I.T. customers are incredible pricks nowadays, ever since they can find people in India to do the job remotely for rupees.)
  3. "The Domination of Eiler shall send its forces on a goodwill tour of the continent of North Eilerania to enhance its prestige." (Which is to say, drive to Alaska, ride a bicycle back, publish a journal, and figure out how to make money off it. Or, failing lots of money, at least enjoy the travels.)

Unfortunately, these goals are mutually exclusive. The Domination of Eiler doesn't especially care which intermediate goal it tries for, because it all leads to more Domination. So, as often happens, the Domination shall try for all three goals at the same time, and settle for whichever one it gets.

In a strategic situation of conflicting goals, creative visualization is not claimed to have power. So instead of "Think and Grow Rich", or any other form of mysticism, the Domination of Eiler will continue to rely upon its own mighty powers - and the will of the One Maker. In the Domination of Eiler, the Maker commands the Dominator, not vice versa. Let the side effects come as they will.

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31 December 2006

New Year's Eve Ceremony
The Domination does not usually observe Amateur Drunk Night, but this year is a spectacular exception.

It's a full day, because it's a double holiday. It's not just Amateur Drunk Night, it's Martyred Baby Day!

  • 10 am: Choir practice for the Feast of the Holy Innocents, a.k.a. Martyred Baby Day. The Domination is allied with a Hoffman Estates-Illinois church that named itself after dead babies in Bethlehem, slaughtered by Evil King Herod. Today, on the special Sunday service in honor of these Biblical infants, this church closes its doors forever. Its highly-trained choir will show its musicianship by singing "Seek Ye First" or some such campfire song.
  • 11 am: The church service has many guests. Some whiny demon-children have even been brought in, just for the occasion. This is strangely appropriate, when considering the interaction of original-sin-filled two-year-old babies with Evil King Herod. The Domination Bishop-Principal is still contemplating who should have won that fight.
  • 12 noon: While churchgoers are milling around, the Domination forces slip away to buy comic books at nearby shop. Too bad the church is closing today, if only because comic book shopping will no longer be so easy.
  • 12:30 pm: Return to church for traditional dinner in basement. Not potluck, though; for this special occasion, fried chicken was brought in. Hooray, not lunchmeat! Toilets are broken, though. Definitely time to shut the church down.
  • 1 pm: Go upstairs and join a moving crew, whose goal is to evacuate the holy relics from the sacred precincts before the bulldozers come. A nearby church in Elk Grove-Illinois is taking on survivors, and considerable salvage rights.
  • 2 pm: The Domination "Flagship" car takes all the church's robes to the new church. Sorry about the mud on the cassocks; it's a really sloppy day for moving.
  • 3 pm: Break away to cheap "Travelodge" hotel near O'Hare Airport. This will be EilerBase for the evening. New Year's Eve is the single worst night to stay in any hotel, but a cheap Travelodge near an airport should be clear of most of the amateur drunks. This particular hotel has served the Domination before, so it's a reasonably trustworthy partner.
  • 3:30 pm: Hotel room has neither reliable radio nor full set of TV stations. Oh well, it's nap time anyway.
  • 5 pm: March 1.5 miles to Rosemont elevated train station of the Chicago Transit Authority, for deployment to downtown Chicago. Subtropical "Expeditionary" gear chosen, due to freakishly warm weather.
  • 5:35 pm: Board the train. Exact change only, please; the people in the CTA ticket booth will neither sell you a ticket nor give you change. Fortunately, taxi drivers outside will give change. Tipped the first driver who did. Happy New Year!
  • 6:15 pm: Arrive downtown. Dinner at the House of Blues. Food includes steak, lobster, crab, and chocolate cake. Fit for a Dominator, as well it should be for the special New Year's Eve price. A table is waiting, but just to be sociable, the Dominator eats dinner at the bar. Makes some new allies that way.
  • 8:45 pm: Go upstairs for the concert. Security guards suspicious of extensive Domination journalling gear, but it has no cameras, so it passes. General admission, of course. All seats other than Standing Room jealously taken since 8 pm, of course. Oh well. The Domination Guard force is not large enough to garrison a seat anyway.
  • 9 pm: Bands start playing. First act, announced one day ago, is The Changes. Beer is readily available, but costs $7 a can. Amateur drunks already in fine form, so the Dominator drinks moderately just to be different. Everyone is dressed any way they like, but the stylish "Expeditionary" outfit is about the most outlandish in the place, and draws many gazes, presumably all envious.
  • 10 pm: Taking the stage (and introduced by CBS/WXRT deejay), featured act Matisyahu, a Jewish reggae artist who sings about Jerusalem. He's about the only one in the venue who's dressed more outlandishly than the Dominator. And he's got that White Boy Boogie down pat. Matisyahu goes Boingy Boingy!
  • 10:45 pm: The concert supposedly goes live on the local CBS station. Matisyahu promptly sings his moderately famous Jerusalem song. (Later reports indicate a time delay for transmission; CBS starts the show at 11 pm.)
  • 11:30 pm: Taking the stage and introduced by more than one CBS/WXRT deejay, featured act The Tragically Hip, a Canadian rock band who sing about New Orleans sinking. Ever since New Orleans actually sank, the Dominator's had the urge to hear this song in concert. Friends from the bar are already in prime Standing Room, in front of the stage and the CBS cameras! So the Dominator joins them. The music is strangely compelling, due to sheer loudness.
  • 11:45 pm: Famous song about New Orleans sinking. The Tragically Hip didn't sing this song in concert for a while, but have just recently resumed.
  • 12 midnight: CBS cameras are turned on the audience as the baloons drop. After-action reports indicate, the Dominator was just a little bit off camera to stage right, behind the guy who was trying to honor the Tragically Hip by holding a Nova Scotia flag. But the camera did show one of the Domination's new allies.
  • 1:30 am: After midnight ceremony, the Tragically Hip keep going and going and going. During second encore, Domination Guard force decides to beat the crowd to the train. No toilets on train, and a gratuitous safety stop. But no beer since 11:30, so we're even. And free rides New Year's Day! (Officially one penny per ride, but nobody's collecting.)
  • 2:30 am: Taxi to hotel. Yawn.

It will not become Domination policy to observe Amateur Drunk Night every year. Still, this year it worked out fairly well. It even looks like tomorrow's Professional Drunk Luncheon of Champions will be observed as usual. All Hail the Domination!

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24 December 2006

The Manger 8 Stratagem
As people were in ancient days, the Domination is sometmes in transit on Christmas Eve.

On occasion when enforcing the Eiler Doctrine at Xmas, the Domination of Eiler spends Christmas Eve in a cheap hotel such as "Super 8", even though the travel is three hours or less. This will be one of those occasions.

Church allies in the Core Territories require the Domination Guard choral force for Christmas Eve service. Retail allies in the Core Territories require the Domination Guard engineering force two days after Giftmas Day. So, Xmas mission time is short. Let's make the most of it, and drive as far as feasible Christmas Eve, while still avoiding the Dominator's eager nephews who start harvesting presents before dawn.

Hotels can be found on Christmas Eve, but restaurants will be closed. Therefore, provisions have been brought. Nothing lies before the Domination forces this night, except for darkness and solitude. The Domination of Eiler says, bring it on.

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17 December 2006

Raid on the Chicago House of Blues
Xmas presents and Gospel Brunch conquered - in preparation for even greater things.

This Sunday was spent raiding downtown Chicago.

  • The local commuter rail system provided free tickets, for filling out a survey. Trains crowded with football fans and Xmas shoppers. Oh well, what does one expect for free. And the train gave lots of time for reading pulpy science fiction, in which the U.S. Government is increasingly showing up as the villain.
  • A certain Megastore provided Xmas presents for senior associate-Eilers. No problem checking out, because there are cashiers on every floor.
  • The Domination Bishop-Principal released the troopers from church obligations - on condition that the Domination of Eiler report to Gospel Brunch. The House of Blues provided said brunch, plus tickets for upcoming New Year's Eve festivities, plus some presents for junior associate-Eilers.

Gospel Brunch itself was worthwhile, but no replacement for a real restaurant or a real church.

  • Food and service were about the quality of any southern U.S. cafeteria - with long lines. One can with great effort get fresh-carved meat and fresh-baked omelets after standing in line, but what's the point if you have to stand in another line for the rest of your meal?
  • Each grown customer gets a mimosa with dinner. Which is to say, the beverage is champagne mixed with orange juice, not likely to get people highly drunk. Waiters come by with refills, when they feel like. And they may stop serving your table whenever their pitcher is even close to empty.
  • The house choir was gospelriffic, but it was the religious equivalent of a restaurant that serves only ice cream. People who want the full gospel experience, find preachers too. No preaching at the House of Blues.
  • Audience largely tourists. It was like a Disney exhibit of Gospelrama. Which was disappointing, but at least the Dominator blended in better with the tourists than he would have with a real Gospel enthusiast crowd.

Despite any shortcomings, this raid has established one undeniable fact: The Dominator will be on TV this New Year's Eve at the Chicago House of Blues. Local CBS TV and radio outlets are supporting the festivities. And the venue is so small, it's practically impossible to escape the cameras. Uh oh, better get the biscuit gravy stains off the Dominator's clothes before then.

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4 December 2006

Winter Bike Season 2007
The Near-Arctic Readiness Force is deployed!

The snowstorms have started in Chicago, Illinois, Domination of Eiler. The parking lot of the Dominator's apartment complex isn't like a sheet of ice; it's like an iceberg. The Dominator's armored carrier (a.k.a. the "Flagship") is garrisoning one of the more difficult parking spaces, because few other vehicles can get in or out of it.

The Winter Bike of Dominance (a.k.a. the "NARF-Cycle") made it onto the road today, during 17-Fahrenheit-degree weather. After summer in storage, the bike won't go above 14th gear without home maintenance. And the warm gloves weren't handy, so the mission was brief. But the Domination of Eiler conquered nonetheless.

All Hail the Domination!

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3 December 2006

Minions of Nicholas
In the Domination of Eiler, Santa sends his minions up your driveway to take your toys!
Bishop at the Door!
One of the Bishops of Chicago goes door-to-door - as a minion of Nicholas!

Normally, the Domination of Eiler does not give priority to providing toys for other people's kids. But the Domination is currently in alliance with an Episcopal church named after the Christian saint Nicholas. That church has started a toy ministry for the holidays. Go figure.

So, today Domination and church forces went out into the neighborhood to give people paper bags, just in case the people want to fill those bags with toys for pickup next week.

  • The job mostly involved sticking the paper bag inside people's storm doors, along with a pamphlet encouraging the target population to give toys to other people's kids.
  • For the most part, the Domination of Eiler did not directly interact with the target population. Mostly the population cowered inside their houses, and pulled the bags inside when the Domination patrol had safely departed.
  • It's been noted by impartial observers, that seeing a large man from the Domination Guard come up your driveway in full Domination-grade seasonal gear, is a bit intimidating. A Domination bike patrol of Wisconsin got that reaction last week - at the local animal show!
  • One man had a house which was loudly protected by a dog, so he dared to open the door to Domination. He learned in person that the Church of St. Nicholas was opening a toy ministry, go figure. He said "Thanks", and didn't apparently think this was a joke.

For those who pay really close attention to ecclesiastical calendars, the 6th of December is the official Feast of St. Nicholas. Churches named after Nicholas typically observe that holy day on the nearest Sunday. The Domination-allied Church of St. Nicholas in Elk Grove-Illinois is no exception, so it observed the feast today.

For the Feast of St. Nicholas, the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago sent one of its bishops out to the Chuch of St. Nicholas. And he upstaged the Domination Guard in a major way.

Children at the Font
This Bishop loves the children. Note the presence of Spider-Man in a little girl's hand near the baptismal font.
  • The Catholic Diocese of Chicago has a cardinal, which is like an archbishop except even more important, so their territory is really an archdiocese. The Episcopal Church is more egalitarian, in an American way which dates back to 1783. So it doesn't have archbishops. But the big dioceses like Chicago get more than one bishop. The title of today's bishop is "Assistant Bishop of Chicago, ECUSA".
  • This bishop plays nicely with children. He believes, children are a natural part of life, and should not be restrained during a church service unless they're going to hurt themselves.
    • The Domination of Eiler does not endorse this belief, because there are counter-examples in nature. For instance, the Dominator's colon is a natural part of life too, but the Domination Guard escorts it out of the sanctuary if it threatens to disrupt the service.
    • But when the Bishop's around, he incorporates the children into the service so it's actually entertaining. On at least one previous occasion (and reportedly several), the Bishop's let the children play with his staff-of-office, to teach them how shepherds use similar staffs. The Domination of Eiler refers to that game as, "Don't Thump the Bishop!"
    • Today, the Bishop had a lot of preaching to do before Children's Time, so there wasn't time to play the old game. If he's going to invite the children to stay in the service for the preaching, and try to be heard over them for an hour and a half, the Church of St. Nicholas needs to give him better amplification.
    • But after the preaching, the children started playing with the baptismal font. The Bishop took that opportunity to teach them how to cross themselves with holy water. This game will be referred to as, "Don't Splash the Bishop!"
  • After the service, the Bishop went out on the neighborhood toy mission - in full regalia! Over sidewalks covered in ice. Good thing he had a staff to lean on.
  • After the mission, the Feast of St. Nicholas was observed with a potluck dinner. The Domination of Eiler usually tries to avoid church potluck dinners with other people's children, but this was a special occasion. And palatable, because the children had already been tamed by the visiting dignitary.
  • The Bishop sat next to the Dominator! But the Bishop had a shorter toy route, so he got to his seat well before the Dominator did.
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