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Vesper is a villain created by Scott Eiler.
Aliases: Many, over time
Status: Active
Location: May access any human universe, from his home in a spiritual realm
Favorite Music: Medieval music of the Middle East
Character Portrait


Vesper is an ancient being known as a "djinn", or "genie". He dates at least back to Roman Republic times; he oversaw the "Asiatic Vesper" massacres during one of the Roman wars.

In modern times, Vesper became fascinated with Death. He identified some humans who were familiar with Death, and he brought them together to try to steal their connection. They teamed up to stop him. (Vara Hosea, Wyatt Ferguson)

Vesper has dabbled in human affairs occasionally since then. Wyatt Ferguson has documented the most such incidents, but there may be many others.


Vesper has successfully adapted to all the eras in which he operates. He speaks modern vernacular language and wears modern clothes anywhere he goes.

Powers and Abilities

Vesper has magic powers suitable to the plot of any story, only stronger than Earth mages. He can at minimum transport himself anywhere he wishes, and fire powerful energy bolts. However, he is susceptible to being trapped inside silicon. Traditionally these traps are bottles, but certain caves will suffice also.


Vesper is about eight feet tall. He wears a beard, headdress, and earrings suitable for a djinn, but he will dress in whatever other clothes he likes. Like Ares, he considers life to be a game. Those two may have some rivalry, though; Ares has played for the bigger stakes.


Author's Notes

Vesper figures in the origin of Vara Hosea, so he's getting his Wiki entry when she does. He originated as a substitute for Thanos in Wyatt Ferguson stories, though.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 27 December 2022.

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