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Ares is a villain (or maybe anti-hero) envisioned by Scott Eiler.
Aliases: God of War; Prime War God; Deathblow the Deathimator
Team Affiliations: ha! Ares teams up with his race like humans team up with their own!
Status: Semi-active (and let's pray he not become active)
Location: Worldwide, though he favors a retreat on a former far-western Chinese base known as "High Asia"
Favorite Music: Mars the Bringer of War
Character Portrait


Ares is the actual ancient Greek god of war. He has thrived and adapted through the millennia. In the modern era, when the old gods tried to rebrand themselves with new titles, Ares took the title "War God" and hired two deputies: Tyr (Norse) and Tengri (Mongol).

Within the human 20th Century, Ares took an interest in the development of war toward an apocalypse. He also knew aliens were interested in the special humans of the Earth. So in 1912, he arranged for one to be created. That superhuman would become the Powernaut of that era.

In the 1940s, Ares noticed an outbreak of new superhumans, including a new Powernaut. Ares mostly ignored them. He waited upon a third generation of heroes, closer to his envisioned apocalypse.

By 1988, Ares noticed a new generation of superhumans, including a Powernaut. The Hyper-Piper of Hypergaard had noticed those also. So they engaged in a bet... Which if any superhuman, would save the Earth from the coming Apocalypse?

  • Ares was not impressed with any of the current crop. So he offered first choice to the Hyper-Piper, who promptly chose the Powernaut of that era.
  • Ares in turn chose an obscure vagrant human warrior, who had chosen to invade Kamchatchka in Russia on his own to restore American glory. This one had some lineage from the Hypergaard Incident of 1969, and he at least had some martial spirit. This warrior was Wyatt Ferguson.

(to be continued)


Ares is boisterous and cheerful. He loves to interact with humans that love to fight. Sometimes he draws fighting teams to follow him, just for that. He also loves to test his power against these fighters. On the rare occasions where he loses, he loses cheerfully.

Powers and Abilities

Ares has godlike powers, for he is the god of War. Yet his powers are limited, for few people worship him by name.

In typical form, Ares has high-level superhuman strength and endurance. He also has millennia of experience in motivating people to follow him.


Ares appears as a human male, about seven feet tall. Usually he is armored in some form.

Ares will appear in any Earthling outfit he considers appropriate, down to a tuxedo in an awards ceremony. But he likes to honor those teams he has fought alongside, by wearing their chosen gear. That has included Mexican revolutionaries, and most recently bikers since the 1990s. He likes to wear any of their vests.


Author's Notes

This was done on impulse. But I had to do this one eventually. And it's worthwhile to start to tell the story of Ares vs. the Hyper-Piper.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 13 March 2018.

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