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Vara Hosea is a hero created by Scott Eiler, based upon a concept by Carol Galloway.
Aliases: Bokor
Team Affiliations: Total Conversion (1995-1999); Power School (2012-present)
Status: Active
Location: Power City, Oregon, USA, Earth-SW12 ("Earth-Power")
Favorite Music: Broadway show tunes
Character Portrait


Vara Hosea is a classically-trained pianist and a successful performer of popular music since the early 1990s. Around 1993, she made unexpected contact with the mystic realm. This gave her unexpected power. Ellipsis and his team Total Conversion intervened to bring her power under control. She joined the team as a reserve member through 1998, as a mage named "Bokor".

By then, Vara had attracted the attention of a djinn named Vesper. He abducted her and Wyatt Ferguson, to determine which of those two had the best potential connection to Death - and then take it from them. Wyatt ultimately immobilized Vesper with Thorpower, as Death came to watch.

In this way Vara made contact with the realm of Death. She found, Death needs champions on Earth, to help ease the transition from life - and in some cases, turn the transition back (as she did for Wyatt Ferguson). So she became a Champion of Death, alongside her role in Total Conversion. In her role as a Death mage, she attracted the attention of the senior mage Lucianus Autonomus. She started training with him. By 1999, she was his co-leader of human mages. She helped him command the Earth's mages during Urr's attack upon Earth ("the Hyper-Pocalypse") in 1999.

In 2011, Vara and Lucianus joined the U.S. government response to the apocalyptic Yellowstone catastrophe. They wound up migrating to a new Earth, and supporting Powernauts and their Power School there. There they retroactively have a daughter with candy powers; she is known as the Candy Coach.


Vara Hosea is surprisingly well-adjusted, for a rock star and an advocate for Death. Lucianus Autonomus has been a good influence on her, as he has been on many people.

Powers and Abilities

Magic powers are somewhat vague in the universes where Vara Hosea has lived. She can at least fire magic bolts, though. But these are not strong enough to defeat pure mystic creatures such as the Doom Bear. She can also open mystic gateways to other worlds.

As a Champion of Death, Vara may not be separated from any dying person, nor harmed while doing so. And she may not be stopped from doing anything with that person so long as it is the will of Death.


Vara Hosea is an attractive black woman, typically in civilian clothes which favor a white blouse and a red rose around the chin. In Power School, she dons the team jersey in addition. She dyes her hair with white streaks.

Vara has also been a Champion of Death. Indeed, she is one still. She may magically move to the side of any dying person on her Earth to give comfort and afterlife guidance at the moment of their dying. No force has been known to stop Champions of Death from their mission.


Author's Notes

Vara Hosea as a Champion of Death is important to the Powernaut 1995 series. So she's getting her Wiki entry.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 12 December 2022.

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