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Doom Bear is a villain (or possibly anti-hero) created by Scott Eiler.
Status: Dead in 1992; reincarnate in 2016, in his 1984 form.
Location: Mobile among universes; most recently seen alongside Psychovant the Duck on Earth-Power (SW12) in 2014
Fingers (and toes, per limb): Three (1984-1985), four (1988-present). As a mythic creature, his configuration sometimes changes.
Favorite Music: Will sing along with any music another Doom Creature likes, but that's about it
Character Portrait


The Doom Bear came from an extradimensional race of Happy Bears. He considered his world puerile, and was forcibly expelled from it. He landed on Earth in 1984, and amused himself by making its dominant race unhappy. But Happy Bears followed him and reversed the effects of all his actions.

Increasingly frustrated, the Doom Bear came up with complicated plans of domination and mass destruction. By 1992 he had become the acting Doom Creature for North America, enslaved the Happy Bears of his homeworld, and come into conflict with Earth superheroes. These included the Powernauts of 1985 and 1987, the Balance, and Total Conversion. The latter team repelled him from Earth, counter-invaded his homeworld, and slew him with great violence.

However, in 2016 the Doom Bear was resurrected! An extradimensional ceremony raised dead creatures to get awards - and so the Doom Bear was raised from 1984! He now cruises the multiverse alongside Psychovant the Duck. They tracked the escaped alien monster Spanker 4 to Power City 2013; they stayed in that vicinity until 2014, because the Doom Bear's Doom Sense was tingling.


The Doom Bear started with a mischeveous streak. Perhaps one might have considered him a cosmic force to oppose mindless happiness. But by the time he died, he became a stereotypical monstrous nihilistic would-be world-conqueror. The best that can be said of him is, if you had to grow up among Happy Bears, you'd probably be warped too... Now resurrected, he's back to his mischeveous nature.

Powers and Abilities

Members of the Doom Bear's race are born as cubs who resemble Earth teddy-bears. (Mama Bear probably sews them together.) They spend years (if not decades) without physically growing. They are all incredibly resistant to damage, and can fly. The most powerful of them (including the Doom Bear) can also teleport, and transport the others.

From birth onward, each bear can project one or more powers which resemble his or her personality. The Doom Bear's powers are energy projection, wind control to produce vortices, and the mental projection of discontent. These powers were enhanced when he became the Doom Creature of North America; he was then able to dominate minds and stress the universal boundaries.

The Doom Bear has at least limited precognition; he can see some details about how much life on Earth will be doomed. He's foreseen both global warming and global cooling scenarios, plus some people connected with those. He mistakes some of the details, though. And his vision does not extend beyond the next likely apocalypse. For instance, in 1989 his Doom-Vision could not see beyond 1999. But in 2014 he sees the next likely apocalypse just fine.


The Doom Bear is three feet tall, fuzzy, cute, and maniacal. He has a lightning-bolt logo on his cute little belly.


Author's Notes

I actually did conceive of the Doom Bear in 1984, when Care Bears and the like were in fashion. I added Happy Bears as I put the Doom Bear in the first adventures of Ellipsis. When I put Ellipsis in a gaming campaign, the Doom Bear was an early opponent - and these were '90s heroes, so they tested the powers of Happy Bears also. When I needed guest stars for Powernaut 1985, Happy Bears were among them. (I'd actually put in "Li'l Trolls" first, until I remembered Happy Bears ever existed.) When I was challenged to write the Manly-Man 1984 comic (after I'd plotted 1985), Happy Bears were a natural sequel. To explain what Happy Bears do for excitement, I practically had to mention the Doom Bear. So, the Doom Bear has come a long way to appear in a 1984 comic at last.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 20 August 2015.

Update: The Doom Bear has become so popular in Powernaut Comics, he's been resurrected by popular vote of the RACCies! I honestly did not see that coming. His backstory is amazingly like that of Thanos, including some resurrection and/or time travel. But unlike Thanos, the Doom Bear is unleashed on the future now... and the past! I would have guessed that either Psychovant or Pizza Fu would have taken over a Powernaut strip first... but the Doom Bear has much more history than either of these, including a period when Powernauts were as inactive as they could possibly arrange for themselves. Well, all right for the Doom Bear!

(signed) Scott Eiler, 24 May 2019.

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