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Megaphone is a hero (or maybe anti-hero) created by Bernie Lisewski.
Team Affiliations: (Original) Total Conversion; (successor) Power School
Status: Died before the present day, but his son in the present has the same identity and powers
Location: (Original) New Providence Island in the Bahamas; (successor) Power City, Oregon
Favorite Music: (Original) 1990s progressive rock such as Tool; (successor) 2010s pop such as Britney Spears
Character Portrait


The original Megaphone came from a future civilization of Earthlings, which had evolved a warrior-judgment force capable of time travel. Megaphone was part of this force. But he was enough of a technician to implement specialized armaments, such as a smiley-face "Boogity Boogity" round which would strike like a large rubber bullet, then flop on the ground in a silly manner.

Megaphone eventually hijacked a time machine to go back to his ideal period of history: the rough and tumble 1990s. There he hooked up with the notorious independent superhuman squad Total Conversion, and sired a daughter with the vigilante Nympho around 1993.

Megaphone was exiled to the modern time without his lab, after staying past the year 1995. Before that happened, he cloned himself.

Megaphone died in the early 2000s, due to susceptibility to diseases which had been eliminated before his time of origin. (Probably the bird flu.) His associate Bandolier raised Megaphone's natural daughter and his clone son as his own. The daughter became the second Bandolier, the son the second Megaphone. The new Megaphone is now enrolled in Power School, under the tutelage of Powernauts.


The original Megaphone was highly sardonic, and ready to flout regulations even as a member of Total Conversion. The second-generation Megaphone is growing up to be a jock, at high-school level as of 2013.

Powers and Abilities

Each Megaphone is an enhanced human, to the height that bioengineering can achieve in the next 200 years or so. They have mid-level superhuman strength.

Each Megaphone wears a battlesuit, with similar technological advances. The suits do not fly, but the boots allow them to jump to indeterminate heights. Each one wields a large gun, which generates projectiles at need. These include:

  • Flamethrower.
  • Electroshock.
  • Freeze.
  • Blast. Freeze followed by Blast is invariably fatal as long as they both hit, even against powerful opponents. Megaphone is fine with that.
  • Boogity Boogity. This is the infamous silly stun gun weapon.
  • Sleepy Time. Similar to Boogity Boogity, but loaded with stun drugs.
  • Nuke. Megaphone developed that after Total Conversion and their sponsor Ellipsis were expelled from the United States in 1992. He also sent messages to aliens inviting them to invade Earth. The aliens came in 1995, and did their best to set off his nuke. Nympho and the Powernaut stopped him. The Time Police from Earth's future stripped him of his tech after that.


The Megaphone uniform is crypto-fascist, but not necessarily hostile as long as the wearer is smiling. Megaphones usually grin. They love their power.


Author's Notes

Total Conversion is coming into 1992 Powernaut publication, featuring four individual members who already have history with Powernauts. Three of them already have Wiki entries, and it's time for Megaphone to join them.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 26 June 2021.

... Megaphone's history is being finalized, now that Ellipsis and Wyatt Ferguson and the Powernaut have each had a chance to shape that history. It has been determined that Megaphone did not survive in the modern age to the present day, because neither did his creator. :(

(signed) Scott Eiler, 15 December 2023.

Megaphone is a character of Bernie Lisewski. Nympho is a character of Jennifer Hurst. Bandolier is a character of Richard DeSautels. This entry and all other characters within it are copyright © 2023 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.