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A superhuman crisis escalates on a world with multiple Powernauts. Can the true one make a return?

(signed) Scott Eiler, Publisher for Powernaut Comics, 1995.

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What Has Gone Before:

Wyatt Ferguson, a frequent ally of Powernauts, finds himself on the Jersey shore of the northeastern United States after terrorists flood New York City. A team of superhumans from the extradimensional realm of Hypergaard link up with him. They have been watching as other superhero teams - with many self-proclaimed Powernauts - converge upon the city.

Giant Wave?

You're Not Here!

They Really Do Weaken Aww, F* It

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Powernauts Have Gone Crazy and Unconscious

I've been asked, "What actually happened to everyone when the Powernaut was summoned in #12? And why?"

As you know, everyone on that battlefield who had Powernaut powers had collapsed. At the time, I was able to make a quick battlefield observation. The scientist S.O.S. had said, Powernauts can't share power. Given these Powernauts had all collapsed, I guessed he was spectacularly right.

Knowing what I learned later, I'd say the original Powernaut went into shock after his resurrection. And resurrection it was; he'd been discorporated. His shock cascaded into everyone who had shared his power, because they'd been recently linked.

What caused that shock? Apparently he really wanted a "Paula" to meet him. About which, more with the next strip.

We Have an Issue

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Some Kind of Paula?

Just before the original Powernaut went into shock, he was asking for some kind of "Paula". Assuming Powernaut comics are true to life, that's almost certainly the woman who was with him at the time he was discorporated. That woman was discorporated also.

Other people of course have other theories about "Paula". S.O.S. himself said on TV, "Paula" was probably Paula Page, the woman who was with Jeff Goldblatt on the beach the same time the Powernaut was. Perhaps the Powernaut was trying to rescue them both - but he felt most urgent about Paula.

Any Powernaut, Any Paula

I Do Not Bargain for Life

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Day My Trenchcoat Started Flying

... Yes, this was the day. My trenchcoat started flying that day - and ever after. And so did its replacements. When a Pentahedron gives you a gift, it doesn't take it back. By that same principle, my glasses *still* have telescopic vision and cardio electroshock capability - though I often forget those capabilities.

How Do I Describe?

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Yes, He Resists Death

Vara Hosea the Champion of Death herself presided over the Powernaut's resurrection *and* mine that day. So I do not take her statements lightly.

There's a theory that the only reason the Powernaut resisted a Death Touch that day is, he was wearing gloves. Which might have helped. But the Champion of Death said, he was resisting further Death that day.

One might speculate over whether that Powernaut is immune to death from now on. Or indeed whether *I* am, because I was resurrected that day also. But I'm assuming based on family history, I will die the True Death the next time it comes for me. I will extrapolate to say, even mighty Earthly heroes such as the Powernaut will face that death the next time it comes for them.

And Then Some!

I Did It With Aliens!

Wiki! Vara Hosea

That Nuke You Brought Oh, Waah

Three Wikis! Nympho





That Nuke You Brought You're the One Who... C'mon, Stud Who Was That? Anything Else to Do Here? Then My Work Here is Done (tm) You're Back Now Not Here You've Got a Quest Then My Work Here is Done

Bonus Section: 2005 Reprint Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! Panel by Panel!

People often critique later-period Powernaut Comics as being difficult to understand because they're so dense with artistic clues instead of explanatory dialogue. So as the episode finally nears its end, let's try a strip's worth of commentary - panel by panel!

  1. Megaphone just slugged the Powernaut, who is lying on the ground. Megaphone is of course gloating. The Powernaut is of course having nothing more to do with this fight. (If they did continue, it would be on roughly equal terms, only Megaphone is a much better boxer.)
  2. Sorting things out.
  3. Cleanup. Apparently Total Conversion is taking custody of the junior alien of the invaders! The other aliens have either died or fled. And the guy from Hypergaard is proud to be helping, and even taking charge. (Note how he has actual color to his skin when the rest of us don't. It's an effect of his being 4-dimensional.)
  4. "Then My Work Here is Done!" TM - It seems Powernaut Comics is trying to trademark that phrase from the 1988 comic! Total Conversion (the superhero team on premises) is saying Yeesh. But Leo is such a fanboy as he starts his career, that he's impressed.
  5. Racer Girl is impatient that the Powernaut has been interfering with our mission to rescue the Powernaut. Go figure. The Mad Axeman from Shenandoah and I were still waiting there to watch. (Racer Girl is from 4-dimensional Hypergaard and has actual color to her skin.)
  6. The Powernaut had been recreated from fragments of himself. He has sensed that his ladyfriend Paula Page will have to be recreated likewise.
  7. As the Hypernaut comes back from the flooding platform, Racer Girl tells the Powernaut that recreating Paula will not be that easy.

1996 1988 I Guess I Have a Quest

Author's Notes:

I've had to decide whether the general public ever found out who this Powernaut was. Based on the 2013 series, people were surprised even then to hear that theory. So I'm declaring, Wyatt Ferguson never found out. (At least not by 1995.)

I've also had to decide whether the Death of Nympho should be part of this story. But in fairness, it always was. Nympho's player was surprised to come into the game session wherein Total Conversion's fate was being determined. Yes, Megaphone brought a nuke. Nympho became the hero who stopped the *two* main villains from blowing up New York City and then flooding the remains... Her player felt that session was intense. But that's what she got for skipping several intervening sessions. Still, her character has earned Hall of Fame status, and full inclusion in Powernaut Comics.

I've also had to decide whether Megaphone - The End should be part of this story. But if not now, then when? His character also departed the campaign at this time (or technically shortly thereafter, without any Powernaut involved). His creator has also departed now. So the time has come. I had envisioned a different end for him... but with a Powernaut around, people just act differently.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 8 January 2024.

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Powernaut 1995: 1 2.

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