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Bandolier is a hero created by Richard Desautls.
Alter Ego: (unrevealed)
Aliases: (unrevealed)
Team Affiliations: Total Conversion (early 1990s)
Status: #1: Retired. #2: Active.
Location: Power City, Oregon, USA, Earth-SW12 (Earth-Power)
Favorite Music: #1: They Might Be Giants. #2: The Raveonettes.
Character Portrait


The first Bandolier faced superhumans as an equal, with his own technology. He could throw personally-crafted grenades at people, and usually get the effects he wanted. He intervened in the affairs of superhumans from the early 1990s to the end of the next decade after, almost twenty years.

The second Bandolier retired toward defense against most everyone, but got into a diplomatic row with Iran to free her father.


First Bandolier: Obnoxious. Second Bandolier: Increasing acceptance to and from society.

Powers and Abilities

Grenades. Miniaturized. Smoke, gas, flashbang, high explosive, "boxing glove" shrapnel, plus anything a plot might need. Also armor and a gas warfare mask, at about the maximum extent any United States soldier might ever wear anywhere.

The second Bandolier has superhuman strength and reflexes, plus contorionist-level malleability. She is the daughter of superhuman parents Nympho and Megaphone, both departed. The first Bandolier adopted her, along with Megaphone's clone son who grew up to be a Megaphone also.


Whenever outside a full suit of armor... a highly trained civilian. Whenever inside the armor... Kind of scary.


Author's Notes

They've been with me all along. The first Bandolier debuted in role-playing games. The successor debuted alongside Psychovant the Duck. Now they've made the big time.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 30 August 2017.

Bandolier is a character of Richard DeSautels. Megaphone is a character of Bernie Lisewski. Nympho is a character of Jennifer Hurst. This entry and all other characters within it are copyright © 2023 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.