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Lauren Ferguson is a hero created by Scott Eiler. Or maybe by his mom and dad.
Aliases: Surprise
Team Affiliations: Reality House (beginning in 2008)
Status: Active
Location: Jackson Hole-Wyoming, 2020 (Earth-SW10)
Favorite Music: Manhattan Transfer
Character Portrait


Lauren Ferguson, like her brothers Wyatt and Calvin, was born into a superhuman family. Their grandfather was the Secret Commando from World War Two.

In Lauren's family heritage, men get resurrected on Earth with powers after they die - and women stay alongside them as ghosts. Lauren heard their grandpa's stories about this, while she was growing up. Then she saw her dad and her mom do the same. She urged herself for something different... Her mom was passive. Lauren would be active.

In the 1990s, Lauren and her son Andy were caught up in The Last Army War. Indeed, Lauren had married the mercenary known as Hard Falcon, who'd enlisted in that war. Andy was Hard Falcon's son.

  • An enemy of Ellipsis was collecting superhumans on the island of Barbuda, in order to take over the world. The mentalist Philippe St. Joseph Lateran was in charge of keeping the enlisted under control. Hard Falcon captured Lauren and Andy.
  • The Last Army imbued Lauren and Andy with superhuman powers. Andy got "Vigor" powers, with all abilities slightly above human. Lauren got endurance, plus some limited teleportation.
  • Lauren and Andy were naturally rebellious. So they formed the nucleus of a rebellion. Lauren's brother Calvin Ferguson eventually tracked them down, and arranged for support.
  • The Last Army War ended in 1999, with an end-of-the-world incident by Urr the alien conqueror. Sam Johanssen joined the rest of Earth in resisting the alien. He died. His captive army and its rebels were repatriated.

In 2008, Lauren joined a reality TV series alongside the Powernaut of that era, to mentor young superhumans. The series was widely considered to have been staged, but still a positive influence upon the young people involved. Kind of like the Partridge Family.

After the "Powernaut Rapture" of 2011, Lauren remained on her global-cooling apocalyptic Earth. She was too stubborn to give up. (As were her brothers.) As of the year 2020, she huddles alongside America's affluent people in Jackson Hole, near the smouldering remnants of the Yellowstone Crater. Her brothers are elsewhere around the Crater.


Lauren Ferguson is basically everyone's liberal friend and/or cool aunt.

Powers and Abilities

Lauren has the power to teleport herself and anyone around her - about one yard. Still, that often gets her and her friends out of restraints. She also has superhuman endurance and resistance to damage.


Lauren is a petite woman, with short red hair. She dresses in street clothes appropriate to the climate.


Author's Notes

Yeah, this is Wyatt Ferguson's sister. That is to say, the author's sister.

The secrets of Lauren Ferguson are still to be revealed in Powernaut Comics and Superhuman World 2020. But the details thereof are intended to supplement this web entry, rather than overlap with it.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 4 June 2020.

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