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S.O.S. is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Steven Oliver Samuels
Aliases: "The Golden Age Ellipsis"
Team Affiliations: Power Patrol (1962-1969)
Status: Dead since 2006
Location: Buried at the Hall of Power, Power City, Oregon, Earth-SW12 ("Earth-Power")
Favorite Music: Dave Brubeck
Character Portrait


Steven Oliver Samuels was a thirteen-year-old war orphan in 1944. He was so smart, he convinced the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to let him be a secret agent. He roamed freely through Nazi-occupied France in 1944, giving intelligence to the Allies via a prototype handheld radio set. On one occasion he called in an airstrike to free Private Danger from captivity. He then got assigned to follow Private Danger and help keep him out of trouble.

After the war, Private Danger had disappeared. S.O.S. fought Soviet agents in Greece in 1946, but then left the service and continued his education. He soon became a very young Doctor of Physics, specializing in rocket science. He conducted privately-funded rocket research throughout the 1950s. This culminated in a lunar landing in 1961 and a Mars mission in 1962. By that time, the Powernaut had joined his missions, alongside Paula Power and Stonewater Smith.

By then, aliens had revealed themselves and their space portals within our Solar System. The Space Race had ended. So during the remainder of the 1960s, S.O.S. researched teleportation. By 1969 he had a functioning teleportal. This led to his exploring Hypergaard, alongside Stonewater Smith and the Powernaut of that era.

The superhuman community was never large after World War 2. Throughout the 1970s, it dwindled. By 1985, only S.O.S. and the Powernaut from the late 1960s remained. In that year, together they dealt with a reality-existence crisis. But due to a major outbreak of fractal time in that year, S.O.S. did not remember this. After that, no one remembers his 1960s adventures either. But S.O.S. retained his skills, intelligence, and allegiance.

Starting in 1987, new superhumans arose. By 1992, S.O.S. was called upon to lead a U.S. Government crackdown. He successfully forced the superhumans Ellipsis and Total Conversion from the country, and meanwhile arranged for the Powernaut of that era to defend the East Coast from an alien intrusion.

By 2003, S.O.S. was prized as an elder scientist. He joined the company DuoPolarity of Boston, and engaged in adventures alongside them. He also consulted for the U.S. Government in 2005. He died in 2006, fighting Nazis during a reality shift. Private Danger and the 1940s Powernaut returned to fight alongside him then. The Powernaut went back to his own time, but Private Danger remained in the modern world.


Steven Oliver Samuels adapted through the eras. In the late 1960s he did not like the "hippie" culture. But after then, very little fazed him. In any era, he was highly intelligent and inquisitive. He was also very loyal to the U.S. Government, whenever they felt the need to call upon his services.

Powers and Abilities

Steven Oliver Samuels had genius-level intellect plus collegiate and military training. He was basically the maximum human strategist and gadgeteer.


S.O.S. was of medium height throughout his life, though he gained mild amounts of weight. By the time he was sixty years old, he needed reading glasses. Whenever employed by the U.S. Government, he wore a uniform of some sort. Throughout the 1960s, he got to design his own uniforms; these resembled Air Force jumpsuits, with epaulets.


Author's Notes

S.O.S. is the pre-eminent background character of my universe. I conceived him during the early adventures of Ellipsis. When the Powernaut needed supporting cast starting in the 1940s, S.O.S. was a natural.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 6 June 2015.

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