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Psychovant is an anti-hero created by Scott Eiler... Well, yeah, 'cause I appeared to him in his dreams! I see what's going on in this Wiki. And I'm taking over this entry!
Alter Ego: Me! Psychovant the Duck! (There's a Psychovant the Human over on that web site formerly called Twitter, but that's not me.)
Aliases: Maybe the Sultan of Turkey, that one time
Team Affiliations: hey, I like "Psychovant's Terrible Three", though it's down to Psychovant's Awesome One right now
Status: Active but I've settled down
Location: I found a job on Earth-SW12 ("Earth-Power")! Boy, are the Powernauts pissed off.
Teeth: Really? You're asking this? You realize, I morph? But usually it's six upper, five lower.
Favorite Music: Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Minimal in-universe editorial control herein provided by Wyatt Ferguson. Guidelines: (1) Don't fake pronunciation; (2) Skip the profanity. Everyone say, Yay, Editors!

Character Portrait


I am the world's first cyborg duck. But it's not like there's going to be a second. Wrap your mind around that, human. I was uplifted with everything you could give me. And then I kept going.

I got picked from a flock in Valdosta, Georgia, USA. I got hacked and enhanced to be a personal assistant to Millionaire Mc Mal Dunevoy in Nashville. So I became a cyborg duck with nuclear power cells. Like, what the hell? Then the cartoon demon part of me came from Hell to take that over.

So, yeah. I'm a cartoon demon nuclear cyborg duck. That was back in 2009, but I got some upgrades since then. I've been everywhere, 'cause everyone needs it. And I've been in the news all the time, at least if you have the right news sources.


Yep. Deal with it.

Powers and Abilities

I'm a cartoon, demon, duck, and nuclear-powered cyborg. Fill in the blanks yourself. But, for example... I can shape-shift. I can pull impossibly large objects from under my wing - plus useful stuff, like forged currency. I can figure out what the currency should look like, because my cyborg self has hacker-level WiFi. And ever since the time I teamed up with Saint Cecilia, I can travel between universes under my own power.


-snort- You saw my picture, right? Were my demon brains showing? But I'll admit to being about half your height, human. Unless I want to shape-shift and look like you... Ew.

I'll also admit, I've grown some more head-down and some more brain since then. I was *one* year old when that portrait was made. Now I'm sixteen.


Heh, things get interesting here 'cause that Author has to fit my origin into those Powernaut comics he pays attention to.

  • Earliest Appearance: cameo appearance in Reality House 2008! That was me in that egg!
  • First Published: oh, keep tying my immature cyborg self in with that old Iran story. ("Cry for Iran", 2009.)
  • Recent Publication: Power School 2014... That's right, I finally invaded Powernaut Comics! It's been going on since 2013! I did this after a later appearance, but it comes before, because Fractal Time and yada yada.
  • Recent Publication: The RACCie Awards of 2015. I always get to go to those awards. (Author's Note: Psychovant is the acting review duck for Rec.Arts.Comics.Creative.) And, oh yeah, I led the heroes of the multiverse to drive off President Trump. Yeah, I know that most worlds had no President Trump in 2015. But I know *one*. But no Trump in *my* happy world!
  • Recent Publication: Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths! 2020. A certain other universe had a plague - where people turn into tigers! I have *not* gone there to visit - but I helped a big Swedish brawler get there! He's already beaten up tigers! We'll see how that turns out... but I think I'll get a massage first. Or several massages.
  • Latest Appearance and Most Recent Publication: Powernaut 2024! Actually published in 2024! It seems I've become a community figure where the Powernauts live.

Author's Notes

-snort- heh. This is me. Scott. Not Psychovant. I didn't even remember the detail of the dream wherein Psychovant appeared. I had to look it up in my dream diary! I was playing him as a bizarre game character. How appropriate. (25 June 2009.)

As was my custom at the time, Psychovant got folded in to the ongoing storyline. As would become Psychovant's custom, he became ideal for a story that went off at right angles to reality. So I've basically declared him the property of the Universe. He's become something of a cult favorite since then. You can see another outlook on him, at the Legion of Net.Heroes Wiki. Provided that's up... I hereby proclaim that Psychovant is important enough for this wiki to keep up! But this is this wiki, so it covers this universe. The LNH can still track its half of Psychovant heritage itself.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 22 July 2017.

Psychovant the Duck is under Creative Common license! Basically he is available for open use, as long as Scott Eiler and/or Eiler Technical Enterprises gets credit. Other than that, this entry and all characters within it are copyright © 2017 - 2024 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.