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Imperilus is a mercenary created by Scott Eiler, based on a character created by Joe Fucile.
Alter Ego: Gjallar Johanssen
Aliases: Exterminating Son; Joe Johnson
Team Affiliations: The Last Army (1999), militias (2010), U.S. Government (2014), RACCies House Band (2015)
Status: Active
Location: United States of America, Earth-SW10 ("Superhuman World 10"), 2014
Favorite Music: Rob Zombie
Character Portrait


Gjallar Johanssen is the son of the superhuman world conqueror Sam Johanssen. In the late 1990s Sam teamed up with Philippe St. Joseph Lateran to recruit most of the world's superhumans into an army called The Last Army. This army made war upon all other superhumans, particularly Ellipsis and his team Total Conversion. Gjallar came of age as a subcommander in this army, and may have been present for a slaughter of some members of the Subhuman sentient undersea species. At that time, he may have feasted on the meat of "sentient seals".

Sam Johanssen died in 1999 during a planetary crisis. The Last Army dissolved soon after. Gjallar thereafter drifted through life as an adventurer and mercenary. After a disappointing alliance with a Tennessee liberationist militia in 2010, he made a deal to serve as a U.S. Government field agent.

Gjallar had some exposure to heroes of other universes after that, particulary during the RACCies Ceremony of 2014. That has helped him moderate his attitude. Somewhat. (His father wasn't into socializing him. Some of the rest of the universe may be.)

By 2020, Gjallar was working alongside Wyatt Ferguson, in one of the last Amazon-corporation warehouses on Earth. It is in Livingston-Montana, now suffering from cold during its world's Global Cooling Crisis. The area around the smouldering Yellowstone Crater is now one of the only survivable areas on Earth. Gjallar accepted an offer from Psychovant the Duck to take him to a slightly more congenial Earth. That Earth is *only* suffering a plague wherein humans turn into sabertooth tigers. Gjallar is okay with that; he can beat up tigers.


Gjallar grew up rebellious, hot-tempered, and socially maladjusted, to say the least. Among other things, he wanted to kill his father to prove himself. Sam Johanssen actually encouraged this, for the thrill of the challenge. With such an example, Gjallar himself grew up to be a thrill-seeker. Only with time and disappointment has he shown some signs of maturity. His mannerisms are still brash and his temper still hot, but now he can function as an effective and respectable leader - at least sometimes.

Powers and Abilities

Gjallar has upper mid-level superhuman strength and resilience. (Roughly half the strength of Powernauts at their strongest.) Most wild animal penetration attacks scrape off him. Knives may draw blood, but that's about it.

He's spent most of his lifetime brawling. During his youth he had access to the finest martial training, but due to his anger and rebellious nature, his training level is only about that of an average militiaman. Still, he has massive practical experience in hand-to-hand combat.


Gjallar is roughly 6'4" and brawny, with long blonde hair and a goatee-style mustache. He dresses in black jeans, a t-shirt, biker boots, and a leather vest.


Author's Notes

Imperilus was always a background character for me. I knew his father had a grown resentful son, and I liked the old Marvel Comics Sub-Mariner phrases "Imperius Rex" and "Avenging Son". So I filed Imperilus in my list of characters for random events. And then he showed up twice!

The first time was "Cauldron", my 2010 mini-Novel-Writing-Month submission. I took a challenge to write a short story episode every week and not use my main characters. So I rolled randomly. Imperilus came up as the main villain. He got some attention then.

The second time was the RACCie Awards of 2014. I randomly selected Philippe St. Joseph Lateran as the Master of Ceremonies. But he's a prick, so I kept rolling. Imperilus came up as the replacement - and I wrote that literally. He was a hit.

So, here's his chance at the big time.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 14 May 2015.

Imperilus is now *simultaneously* appearing in Powernaut 2008 and one of those Legion of Net.Heroes cascades. That's about as big time as he gets.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 24 October 2020.

Sam Johanssen is a character of Joe Fucile. His son Gjallar (Imperilus), has been released to Creative Common license! Basically he is available for open use, as long as Scott Eiler and/or Eiler Technical Enterprises gets credit. This entry and all other characters within it are copyright © 2015 - 2020 by Eiler Technical Enterprises.