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Hypergaard is a location created by Scott Eiler. So to speak.
Aliases: Amber, Nirvana, most any Highest Realm
Team Affiliations: Agents of P.O.W.E.R.N.A.U.T, Hyper-Children, Hyperblood
Status: Active
Location: Yes
Favorite Music: Actually I bet it has some, but I wouldn't presume to speak for it
Location Portrait


Hypergaard is *the* major 4th-dimensional realm in the multiverse. It has been consciously interacting with Earth ever since at least the mid-1960s. (see Publications) Before that, they claim that the shadows of their 4-D adventurers were our 3-D gods and heroes. Earthlings who have visited Hypergaard consider that claim plausible.


Hypergaard might actually have one, but that's been unrevealed thus far.

Powers and Abilities

The powers of Hypergaard are projected through the universes from its Great Pentahedron. Its denizens who visit other universes, can draw upon those powers via remote Pentahedrons. Calling a Pentahedron a "power object", is much like calling a smartphone a "communication device".


To our 3-D vision, the 4-D realm of Hypergaard is big, shimmering, and shiny. People view it best through sunglasses.


Author's Notes

Well, this is ding-dong well about time Hypergaard was more than a stub entry in the Wiki. The occasion is Powernaut 1995, Maximum Extremity, starring everyone including the Agents of Hypergaard. But Hypergaard filled a plot hole I once did not know existed. As in, where does a certain extra-dimensional power and its agents come from? Well, here's the answer!

(signed) Scott Eiler, 25 March 2023.

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