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Crusher Joe is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Crusher Joe Corrigan
Team Affiliations: Total Conversion (1990s)
Status: Active
Location: Earth-SW10, 2020, on Crusher Island near the Puget Sound
Favorite Music: War, "Slippin' Into Darkness"
Character Portrait


Joe Corrigan grew up in Cambridge, Ohio. His main employment opportunity was in a glass factory. But he gained superhuman power by Unexplained Event. That's a thing in the universe where he grew up. His powers had little to do with handling glass; even though he could hold the heated glass without injury, this interfered with the process. So he left town and became a professional wrestler.

Shortly after Joe gained his powers, Ellipsis knew of it. He recruited Joe as part of a team of superhuman bodyguards, in 1992. Joe served faithfully, until Ellipsis disappeared during the End of the World incident in 1999.

In 2000, Joe bought himself a small island in the San Juan Islands of Washington, and retired. An incursion by Wyatt Ferguson plus a female dancer, brought him out of retirement. But he maintained that island as a retreat for many years after that. It became a focus for political and superhuman activity.

By 2003, Joe had first left his island, and exploited his celebrity status to become elected Governor in California. Shortly after the start of his tenure, he coordinated many superhumans including Wyatt Ferguson against an incursion by superhuman cartoon beings. (The likes of Bugs Bunny.) Joe thereby became an acclaimed leader of superhumans. In 2008, he was elected Vice-President for Barack Obama. (Really.)

After the 2012 election in which Donald Trump won, Joe recruited Wyatt Ferguson to sponsor himself as a dimension-traveling representative to the Council of Ordered Realities. He remained there for some years, until he got annoyed by omniversal politics. (Try U.S. politics, only three orders of magnitude larger.) So he retired to Crusher Island. As of 2020, he remains there (with a geothermal energy source he raised himself), in communication with the nearest Global Cooling survival community around the crater of Yellowstone.


Basically like any professional actor or wrestler who becomes a Governor.

Powers and Abilities

Hulk-level strength. He may get stronger as he gets angrier, only he's a politician and he doesn't do that anymore.


Like a big professional wrestler. Formerly in wrestling leotards; currently in street clothers appropriate to his size.


Author's Notes

Total Conversion's time has come to support Powernaut 1992. I'm filling in the frequent Powernaut supporting character Crusher Joe Corrigan, in support of that.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 21 Jun 2021.

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