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Manly-Man is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Prince Manly-Boy of Bigmanus
Aliases: None
Team Affiliations: Heroes of Bigmanus
Status: Active at least 1984-1985
Location: The magic realm of Bigmanus
Favorite Music: A song that starts "Manly-Man Am I"
Character Portrait


In the magic realm of Bigmanus, the males of the royal line serve as magic-based superhuman defenders. The crown prince is always named Manly-Boy, and has a companion-dog named Manly-Pup. Whenever a Manly-Boy nears maturity, he is given a mystic dagger which can advance him and his dog to full manhood and back. He uses a Manly-Scope to seek out threats to the realm, against which he rides his mighty Battle-Puppy into combat.


The current Manly-Boy (as of 1984) is conscientious and dutiful. As Manly-Man, he can be impulsive but wise beyond his years.

Powers and Abilities

Manly-Man has at least mid-level superhuman strength and stamina, plus moderate resilience. With his sword, he can shoot powerful energy blasts and parry energy-based assaults. He can potentially learn to use his sword to control energy. His Battle-Puppy can run at great speed and leap to great heights.

The discs upon his upper torso are magnetic. Manly-Man may store his sword upon them. Usually he stores it on the back disc.


Manly-Boy has middle-length straight black hair, and wears royal robes with fur lining. Manly-Man has long flowing black hair, and is half-naked with fur and leather clothing. Manly-Boy and Manly-Man are both entitled to wear a crown on formal occasions. The Battle-Puppy wears a saddle but no stirrups.


Author's Notes

Manly-Man was developed as a guest-star for Powernaut 1985, to represent TV cartoon heroes of the 1980s. When the writers' group Rec.Arts.Comics.Creative issued a High Concept Challenge involving tricked-out toys, I rushed Manly-Man into the Powernaut-less Powernaut 1984 series. There's plenty of room for more strips in that series; I have four other concepts I could put in already.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 4 June 2015.

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