November 16, 2004

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Ultimate Darkness on a Rampage!
Have Cheerleaders Saved Humanity?

Teleportation Dimension of Darkness is Broken! Governments, Superhumans, Aliens, and Genies Gather to Address the Problem

The man faced the Arabic-looking genie - knowing that the fate of the universe was at stake.

Scott Stiles always knew there was something beyond the world we know. Eventually, it blessed him with superhuman power. But it was a curse at first, because he had to leave pro basketball.

But Scott came back. He founded the Church of the Super Savior (See Related Story), to give credit to the power from beyond.

And he found people to support him. Superhumans joined his cause. Corporations gave him funding. And the public signed up in droves.

Little did Scott Stiles know, the power from beyond would soon have a purpose.

After Orrin Hatch got elected U.S. President, some people left the world in protest. They went all the way to another universe - and then they blockaded us. (See Related Story)

But the universe didn't like being blockaded. It has a protective envelope of darkness around it. This darkness is what superheroes and scientists teleport through, whenever they fire up the teleportation powers or machines. And the darkness has its own personality. (See Related Story) It didn't like being split in two. And it let people know.

The Mighty Tim once fought crime in Michigan - with Morningstar and Ellipsis, as "The Balance"!

The superhero "Mighty Tim" can teleport. He uses his powers to defend world peace. He works for the United Nations now.

Mighty Tim was in the middle of a mission on Tierra del Fuego against Argentine death squads (See Related Story), when his teleportation power stopped working. His team was counting on his power to go home after the mission. But instead, they had to fight their way to safety in Chilean-held territory.

The WJM's extraterrestrial specialist Joyce Darcy (See Related Story) was on the Moon, investigating a series of brutal beatings in the secret Lunar colony and alien starport. Then she heard the announcement, all interstellar spaceships were grounded. Their teleportation drives were broken!

In the Hindu Kush mountain range at the edge of Tibet, the United Nations has a base "High Asia". It was created to monitor the Afghan blockade (See Related Story). But it had a different job to do, when the U.N. teams and the aliens from the Moon held a meeting about how teleportation no longer worked.

But then, a huge genie showed up in a blast of smoke! He said his name was Vesper (See Related Story), and he'd been rightfully summoned to protect all genies' rights in the Land of Endless Twilight. It seems genies teleport too - through the same darkness as everyone else! Vesper claimed sole right to the darkness, and challenged the rest of the universe to prove him wrong.

Then, a German superhuman called "Die Eiler" ("The Hurrier" in English) appeared out of nowhere! He didn't teleport, he just ran really fast. And he said, "The Super Savior accepts this challenge!"

Everyone else objected, but Vesper would only fight the first challenger. So, it was the genie against the Super Savior!

Scott Stiles, the Super Savior, is superhuman - and a former pro basketball player!

And so, the man Scott Stiles, the Super Savior, stood across from the genie Vesper, on a court of combat.

The genie said, "As the challenged party, you may name your combat ritual."

The man responded, "I choose basketball!"

Of course, the genie Vesper had never played basketball before. Scott Stiles had, and he was one of the best, even before he got special powers. So, humanity was winning the game against genies at first.

Then, the genie got better. He said, "It's just another ritual". At one point, Vesper was leading! What could Scott Stiles do?

Then Scott remember, he had the home court advantage! If only he had people believing in him, he could do anything!

But preaching to the audience would be wrong. The Church of the Super Savior doesn't preach, it just achieves. The Super Savior needed something else... cheerleaders!

The Hurrier works with the Super Savior. He was able to get professional cheerleaders to hurry into the forum.

In the end, it was Super Savior 127, Vesper 123. Humanity was saved... to find its own way out of this problem, for itself and for all the universe.

But will we?

Special to the World Journal Monthly by Bruce Klybourn, Sylvester Morrow, and Joyce Darcy. Recreated from eyewitness accounts.

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