February 11, 2004

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Living Shadow Falls For College Co-Ed!

"So long, bitch-pup!"
"So long, bitch-pup!" the villain gloated. Then he broke the young woman's neck!

But darkness wasn't coming for her. It was already in her. And it wouldn't let her die!

When school started in Berkeley, California last September, Pam Brown was a junior there. She was majoring in education, and she'd just made the volleyball team.

"Life is a pain sometimes, but we go on living."

In October, Pam started dreaming about darkness. Lots of darkness. Ultimate darkness. So much darkness, our whole universe was like a pain in its side. And it wanted to know why. Pam couldn't answer it. All she could say was, life is a pain sometimes, but we go on living.

Pam never thought much about pain and darkness. That was her Goth chick roommate's job, not hers. Pam was happy. Maybe that's why the darkness liked her.

Soon, the darkness started talking to Pam even when she was awake. She had to train it not to interrupt her during class or sports. The darkness was so eager to please her, it started doing tricks.

This is complete, total, darkness. The darkness can appear anywhere - on top of anyone it wants - and take people with it. It's scary to most people, because the darkness doesn't like them. But Pam could make it accept them or even lull them to sleep. And this was useful.

In November, Pam called herself "Nightlight" and volunteered her powers to keep women safe from assaults at night. People noticed, and asked her to do more and more. She fought evil mages, she took super humans to visit the Aleuts in Alaska, she stormed a cult headquarters alongside United Nations troops, and she broke up a riot in Berkeley.

At the cult HQ, the darkness got the attention of a villain called Imperilus the Exterminating Son. He was such a bad-ass that the darkness couldn't intimidate him. He tracked the darkness to Berkeley, and found it during the riot.

The darkness was curious about him, so a piece of it followed him around. Imperilus had the darkness power now. And Pam could watch everything he did with it. It made her yell at him. So Imperilus invaded Pam's apartment - and broke her neck. But the darkness wouldn't let her die...

The villain gloated, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil because I am the baddest motherfucker in the valley!"

Darkness exploded out of the room - and out of California - and out of the Earth!
But the room filled with howling. The darkness didn't like the villain any more.

Darkness exploded out of the room - and out of California - and out of the Earth! It carried Imperilus all the way to the Moon - and dropped him there! He looked around, and wondered how long he could live without air.

Then the darkness shrank back to Earth, and tried to put Pam back together. It was holding her soul, but her body was broken. And darkness can't put anything back together.

Pam was still with the darkness. She said sadly, "I guess I'm dead now. And you can't just fix the dead. Only God can do that."

The darkness didn't know where this God was. All it knew was, it was somewhere outside it and the universe. So it went away from everything, bringing Pam with it.

Pam saw a realm of ultimate light. The ultimate darkness withered before it. All that was left, was some shadows that defined beautiful structures. But before she could describe it enough to remember...

Pam woke up in a hospital bed. Her roommate was there, and a teammate from fighting evil mages, and a super human from going to Alaska, and a man she'd rescued from the cult, and Morningstar from the U.N. heroes. They all cared about her, and Morningstar had the power to fix Pam's broken body. Pam had to rest, but she'd be all better.

Maybe Pam has the darkness still. But she's not telling.

Special to the World Journal Monthly by Bruce Klybourn. Recreated from eyewitness accounts.

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