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Hmpf-Na'al is an alien anti-hero created by Scott Eiler.
Team Affiliations: cosmically linked to Cluctus the Messiah-Chicken
Status: Active
Location: Last seen departing orbit around Earth-SW12 ("Earth-Power")
Favorite Music: Doesn't really have a favorite anything
Character Portrait


Hmpf-Na'al is of the saucer alien race known to Earthlings as the "Greens". He got cosmic power by accident, while piloting his flying saucer past an intense field of theta radiation. The field came from a giant space-chicken known as Cluctus. At that moment, the two creatures became linked. Hmpf-Na'al now acts as a sort of herald for Cluctus, finding her worlds to "hatch". His species isn't sure what to think of this, but they will accept creatures to act as envoys from "hatched" worlds.


Theta radiation is theorized to make creatures more peaceful. Hmpf-Na'al is an extreme case of exposure to it; he is peace-loving to the point of apathy. However, he's committed to his cosmic mission with Cluctus.

Powers and Abilities

Hmpf-Na'al has unmeasured cosmic power; he is sparing in its use, but can (at the very least) send signals across unmeasured space to Cluctus with it. His skin has a slippery outer coating which protects him from the ravages of space. He rides a flying coracle boat, which he can control with his mind; the boat can go faster than light. He can track theta radiation, and communicate by means of it.


Standard metal-coated space herald, only based on stereotypical saucer aliens.


Author's Notes

Hmpf-Na'al is a dream concept of mine. That puts him in the company of Cluctus, Hypno-Buffaloes, Lucianus Autonomus, Psychovant, and Powernauts. I finally found one story to put all these things in!

(signed) Scott Eiler, 18 August 2019.

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