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Cluctus is a cosmic force created by Scott Eiler.
Aliases: Messiah-Chicken
Status: Active
Location: Last seen departing Earth-SW12 ("Earth-Power")
Favorite Music: Choirs of theta-radiation creatures, such as the Hypno-Buffaloes
Character Portrait


Cluctus originated in an alien space lab, in the human year 2001. The lab was in a spacecraft downed on Earth. The Perdue chicken company gained a contract to experiment there. They wound up with a giant chicken. Wyatt Ferguson, one of his rival adventurers, and the saucer aliens all intervened. The adventurers distracted the chicken, while the aliens deployed a machine to destroy it.

The alien machine didn't work, at least not that way. It displaced the chicken to deepest space (in a different galactic cluster), filled it with cosmic theta radiation, and increased it to the size of a planetoid. It took over ten Earth years for aliens to discover the giant chicken still existed. They sent Hmpf-Na'al to investigate. He became linked to the chicken.

Cluctus now wanders the universe, picking interesting worlds to "hatch". She has recently returned to Earth - albeit the divergent world of the Powernauts in Fractal Time.


Cluctus has roughly the intellect of a chicken. She can bond with other creatures, though, particularly if theta radiation is involved.

Powers and Abilities

Cluctus is big enough to eat humans like bugs. And she will, if she's hungry. But she also has immeasurable cosmic power. She can migrate between galaxies, and across universes. Indeed, she has lowered boundaries between universes.

Cluctus can "hatch" worlds. That is to say, she can at least impart superhuman abilities upon those worlds and upon any chosen species. It remains to be seen how she will interact with the world of the Powernauts.


Cluctus resembles an Earth hen of the Rhode Island Red variety. She's just larger now, glowing, and mostly made of energy.


Author's Notes

I'm going to need at least three new entries in support of World Egg. This is the second, along with Hmph-Na'al. The Hypno-Buffaloes are part of this.

Cluctus came to me in dreams many years ago - 2001, that is. I was amazed when I discovered from my journals, she was an Earth creature, from a breeding program similar to that of Psychovant the Duck! Well, crap. According to my own stories, she'd died. But I'd been thinking of her as a cosmic power ever since then. So now she lives.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 19 Aug 2019.

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