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Christine Lassiter is a supporting character created by Scott Eiler.
Aliases: "Fire and Ice"
Team Affiliations: temporarily, the Balance; long term, Pizza Fu
Status: Semi-active
Location: Earth-SW10 ("Superhuman World"); may have retired anywhere cheap, but probably someplace in Florida where there are personal canals in the backyards, not that she will ever use them
Favorite Music: Pat Benatar
Character Portrait


In 1987, Christine was the co-star in a big-budget Powernaut movie. She got disillusioned about big stardom, after that sequel was cancelled. So she went on tour as a lead singer with a band. In 1990 she started out in small college venues - in one of which she met Ellipsis and the Doom Bear. The Doom Bear granted her powers over fire and ice, as part of his own long-term plans.

By 1992, her career had restored itself. She was a successful touring musician, and she was filming the second Powernaut movie. She appeared on the David Letterman Show then - coincidentally alongside Ellipsis, who chose that venue to go public that night. Likewise the Doom Bear chose that venue to return - and dominate them both. Fortunately Ellipsis had bodyguards: the Total Conversion team. The Powernaut of that era also intervened, having been invited along Christine. The resultant battle was epic, and went all the way into the Happy Bear World. In the end, the Doom Bear was destroyed.

After that, however, Christine's career floundered. The second Powernaut movie (vs. Commies on Mars) was poorly timed, as the Cold War was ending. Likewise her power-pop mix of music was not stylish for 1990s audiences. She soldiered on with her music career, back to small venues.

In 2008, Christine was contacted for the use of her powers, by one Doctor Fu who was assembling an investigative team around her precocious dog Pizza Fu. Christine filled this role for two years, until she and her teammate Private Danger were brainwashed by the evil mentalist Philippe St. Joseph Lateran. Doctor Fu barely noticed that incident, since her dog was not involved. Christine fell away from that organization then.

During the "Powernaut Rapture" of 2011, Christine stayed behind. As of 2019, she's probably entertaining people in a Trainville near the blast crater of Yellowstone, where the surviving population of the United States has gathered to ward off Global Cooling. Her powers over Fire and Ice are popular now.


Christine peaked early. She's bitter now.

Powers and Abilities

Christine has Fire and Ice abilities, at medium-level power. She got those from the Doom Bear. She was made to use those to fight, as a thrall of the Doom Bear, alongside Ellipsis who briefly got those powers at the same time. She has maintained those powers.


In the 1980s and 1990s, Christine was an attractive actress. In the modern age, she's reasonably well-aged, but probably not in a way that will let her resume her old careers with the success she is accustomed to. Kind of like Old Judy Garland.


Author's Notes

Christine is one of the early characters of Ellipsis fiction. Her chance at the big time has finally come, in Powernaut Comics 1987. That is to say, she might be used for something in the plotline in 1989 or so. That fits in with Ellipsis fiction, which has been declared to start in 1990... So the Wiki might as well be ready for all that.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 29 Oct 2019.

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