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Eiler Technical Enterprises Halloween, 2004

Hoffman Estates and Palatine, Illinois

Other Halloweens: Halloween 2000 Halloween 2002 (Work) Halloween 2002 (Party)

Halloween 2003

Office Decor

As ever, Scott's office had bits of his costume.

Aerobics Costumes

Aerobics class had a costume contest. Hula Girl won.


People came to see costumes at work too. Or even to be costumed.


People even brought their kids.

Evil Dr. Frankentooth

Scott went as Evil Doctor Frankentooth. Building the ultimate monster, one molar at a time.

Mighty Battle Mask

Dr. Frankentooth got declared the funniest, when he put on his mighty battle mask.

Grim Tester

For some reason, Dr. Frankentooth wasn't the scariest.


Every year, the Indians have to stand together.

Hey, Photo!

And they have to check the photo quality.

Party Buffet

The real party was after work. It didn't have a contest, but it had a buffet.

Our Sponsors

The party had sponsors: Scott, Mikhail and Suresh.


The Cheevers showed up.

Diet Hulk

Afsheen showed up as Diet Hulk.


Pete showed up with his ladyfriend. Gene showed up too.


Most of the Fraud Guard team showed up.

More Frauds

So did the boss.

LD-STARS Couples

Much of the LD-STARS team showed up, in mating pairs.


Imagine the 4077th M.A.S.H. in India.


Imagine the M.A.S.H. with an evil dentist.


We had a table of latecomers.


We had a table of latestayers.

Pool Game

At the very end, Suresh made friends at the next pool table over.

The Next Table

The people at the next table wanted a picture too.