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Eiler Technical Enterprises Halloween Party, 2002

Sc(ha)umburg, Illinois

Other Parties: Halloween 2000
Gumby dressed up as Scott at work that day.
Scott therefore had to dress up as Gumby at the party that night.
So did Cheng.
Vidya had to pose with Gumby.
So did Mikhail.
Vizarat's the only other one who wore a costume. But his costume was so cool, a total stranger posed with him.
... No, wait, Suresh A's baby wore a costume too.
And Gumby is the baby's pal.
... Well, actually, Gumby tortures babies.
Kate, Ginny and David were there to audit the party for the requisite amount of baby torturing. Most of them wore costumes.
All people without costumes were required to wear Evil Nametags. Syed wore four.
The party was at the Fox and Hound Tavern of Scumburg (Schaumburg), Illinois. Scott has his own mug there, dammit.
We played darts.
We played pool.
Suresh S. and Cheng were ready for more pool.
Steve was ready for sushi afterwards. Yum, mackerel sushi.