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Eiler Technical Enterprises Halloween, 2003

Hoffman Estates and Palatine, Illinois

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Scott got his apartment ready for the party by buying a giant inflatable pumpkin, complete with ghosts.
Scott decorated his office for the party too.
Scott brought the German cuisine for lunch that day: carrots with horseradish sauce.
Scott dressed up as Thunder Bunny.
So did Cheng.
So did Vidya. Boy, it looks like her.
So did Suresh S.
So did Suresh A.
Other people dressed up as Indians.
All the Indians had to stand together.
Thunder Bunny came in late to the costume contest.
He was busy taking pictures at aerobics class.
There was a costume contest there.
The contest had judges and everything.
Scott dressed up as The Colon in the Hat for his after-work party.
Cheng dressed up too.
Mikhail dressed up too.
Suresh A. dressed up too.
Vidya didn't dress up.
But John and Sandy did.
And they brought friends.
Cheng particularly liked Sharan's costume for some reason.
The Colon particularly liked Yelena's.
People played foozball.
People built beer towers when The Colon wasn't looking.
The Colon kept himself busy passing fluids.
Look at all the guests.
People said, best party ever.
Thanks for coming.