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Minions of Eiler Unite!

Force Doctrine of the Domination of Eiler

Featuring the Dominator's Li'l Pals, Dufus and Dom!

Rule 1. Do not use overwhelming force when a lesser force will suffice and the lesser force has other advantages.


1a. Do not field a heavily armored vehicle when lighter armor will suffice.

Dufus Sez... Dom Says...
I'll take ya to the mall in my Hummer. I'll take you to the thrift store in my pickup truck.

1b. Do not commit armor to a battle when infantry or cavalry will suffice.

Dufus Sez... Dom Says...
I gotta go drive to buy some cigarettes. Uh oh, I'm out of breath mints, I'll take my bike.

Rule 1 Corollary: If overwhelming force has no disadvantage, it may be used.

Dufus Sez... Dom Says...
Hey, howcum you din't respond to my e-mail? Oh, look, people responded to my follow-up flag, and they vote "Yes" with the voting buttons!

Rule 2. Do not involve more than three people in a decision.

Dufus Sez... Dom Says...
To Fun-Committee Party-Planning List: Is this party memo acceptable for general distribution? To Mikhail and Suresh: Party planning meeting tonight at the Neighborhood Dive Bar.

Rule 3. Prepare for contingencies.

Dufus Sez... Dom Says...
I have to make this flight, but oops, we have to leave in half an hour, I haven't packed, I have to go back to hug my son, I can't find a map, let's have some salad, let's plan a nature hike, this side road must be the right way, let's drive through the snow instead of taking the train, and oh, if only I'd had an extra half hour, I could have gotten some work done. My stuff's packed, I'm leaving early in case I get lost, oops, I locked my coat in the car, but my flight doesn't leave for another two hours, plus I planned another hour for modern-day security theatre, and I can always have some beer at the terminal once I'm checked in.

Rule 4. Avoid opposition.

Dufus Sez... Dom Says...
Hey, let's go camp in the Smoky Mountains this weekend! Everyone's doing it! How about during the week?