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Red Vigil is a villain (or maybe anti-hero) created by Scott Eiler.
Status: Active - in years from 1996 to 2136
Location: Variable
Favorite Music: Holst, "The Planets"
Character Portrait


In a far future era (now assumed to be 2136), the North American government built a 3-kilometer high tower of diamond fiber in Florida, to dehumidify the place and ward off hurricanes.

A somewhat innocent technician had just bought a replica Captain America shield of Russian manufacture at a swap meet, before reporting to work at the tower. Since the shield didn't fit in his worker-assigned locker, he took it with him as he climbed the tower for maintenance. Unknown to him, this tower had been built at the Nexus of Realities! Then a cosmic ray storm happened, transforming his form and granting him superhuman powers! At the same time, he was possessed by the Devil! (Or some creature from an Earth-aligned reality who identified himself as the Devil, anyway.) So the human was tranformed into Red Vigil.

Red Vigil took over the tower he was working at. His future government sent agents to evacuate resident humans on the tower sides and expel him. But he escaped *with* his tower! It now enhances his power, in whatever dimension he lands in.

(to be continued)


Apparently the original human host has been entirely subsumed within the Red Vigil. Perhaps the human wholly agrees with the Red Vigil outlook on life.

Red Vigil wishes only to hold some piece of land. Now he wants at least an entire Earth. But now that he knows of alternate Earths, he dreams of that also. Yet he will defer that long-term goal, as long as others oppose him.

Powers and Abilities

Red Vigil has high-level superhuman strength. He also has mystic power at high levels. He often travels with a Tower which teleports to any universe. It may also teleport him likewise. In the presence of this tower, his powers are enhanced to highest level. He always has high-level resilience.

Red Vigil may be able to enlist people (or other sentient creatures) to be his Red Vigilance. Such creatures receive a boost to their normal abilities, albeit at a demerit to Red Vigil's own abilities (unless the Tower is there).


Red Vigil is full of stone skin, which may look different from time to time. (Kind of like tectonic shift.) But some of those stone formations are constant. One formation is a red star on his chest. Another is a red crown on his head.

Red Vigil wears some tights for purpose of modesty. It's unknown whether he ever has to take those tights off.


  • Earliest Appearance: Powernaut 1996
  • First Published: either Powernaut 1996 or Powernaut 2024 (TBD)
  • Most Recent Publication: either Powernaut 1996 or Powernaut 2024 (TBD)
  • Latest Appearance: Powernaut 2024

Author's Notes

Oh, my. I have already wondered if any character may swipe so many concepts from the Marvel Universe all at once. I've already refrained from calling him "Red Guardian 2099" for that reason. But I have to admit, "Red Vigil" works even better.

I have to admit, this character came to prominence when I played a card game! Admittedly it was Omniverse the Card Game. There, various villains strive for goals across multiple worlds, while heroes pop up. Red Vigil came up as a villain and Powernauts as heroes. This card play is leading to a Powernaut comic! Red Vigil's cartoon image has already recieved some admiration online! So he is getting a Wiki entry in advance.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 12 January 2024.

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