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Intensity is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Amy Louise Endres
Team Affiliations: Reality House (2008); Power School (2012-present)
Status: Active
Location: Power City-Oregon, Earth-SW12 (Earth-Power)
Favorite Music: Katy Perry
Character Portrait


Amy Endres is an only child. She has had unexplained superhuman strength since at least kindergarten. Her parents were persuaded to let her homeschool along other young superhumans, in the Reality House TV series of 2008. The instructors were Lauren Ferguson (Wyatt Ferguson's sister) and the Powernaut.

The older students from Reality House graduated that year. But Amy and one other student stayed in that school. Lauren and the Powernaut mostly transitioned control to others, but they stayed involved.

In 2011, the Earth was facing a Global Cooling crisis. Then the "Powernaut Rapture" came. Four billion people from the crisis-Earth were transferred to a newly-created world, arranged by many Powernauts from the past and present. Amy went to that world, in her little-girl form. (Her parents are there also.) She is in the Powernauts' Power School now.


Amy is a normal girl, of the tomboy type.

Powers and Abilities

Amy has "Vigor" powers: all her physical abilities are enhanced. But they are enhanced much more than human. From the time she was in kindergarten, she could overpower a grown man. For her size, she has mid-level superhuman strength.


A little girl with two ponytails. Amy dresses in street clothes, or in the school outfit if her school has one.


Author's Notes

This girl came to me in dreams. And it was disturbing, because she was overpowering *me*.

But I know an Amy. She needs an avatar for these stories. This girl seems perfect.

Young Amy has been a useful character, whenever I've needed to populate a Power School. She has the distinction of being in both such schools.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 25 May 2020.

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