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Dwarf Star is a villain created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Jonas Nesmith
Aliases: Jones; El Primo
Team Affiliations: totally legitimate businessmen who have their books in order and everything; impromptu youth groups who need mature guidance
Status: Active
Location: Mobile-Alabama, Earth-SW10 (Superhuman World 10)
Favorite Music: snatches of Muzak coming in through the office door from his waiting room
Character Portrait


Jonas Nesmith is a legitimate businessman, in import/exports. Or so his licenses say. In reality, he's quite a criminal. He's also sponsored some street gangs, particularly in New York City and Detroit. He's been closely involved in the business of superhumans, ever since those arose with Ellipsis in 1992.

In the mid-1990s, Nesmith was once connected to "Red Star" battlesuits of the Soviet Union. On inspection, he inadventently came close enough to get even more of the gravity control powers which those suits were manufactured to have. Unfortunately the suits were about as safe as Chernobyl. In 1997, a few surviving Red Stars came with their battlesuits to Manhattan, and marched uptown to hunt Nesmith. The Total Conversion team had to intervene.

In 2008, Skyhawk convinced Nesmith to financially sponsor the Powernaut and his Power Patrol, in return for priority treatment. Unfortunately for him, the Powernaut tended not to be easily summoned. As a result, Nesmith arranged for the Powernaut to live in a group home with troubled superhuman youth. Coincidentally, Wyatt Ferguson's sister Lauren served as house mother. This arrangement did not last long, but it was the basis for the second superhuman reality TV show ever.


Jonas is a prick. His idea of subtlety, is to crush someone to the ground *without* wearing a costume.

Powers and Abilities

Awesome control over gravity in his local area. He mostly uses it to make people or objects heavier.


Jonas once had people design a "Dwarf Star" superhuman suit for him, padded in flattering places, in case he should go public with his powers. He never wears it. He sensibly put the suit in a vault, and kept his powers secret. He dresses in street clothes suitable to a corporate executive.


  • Earliest Appearance: unpublished superhuman role-playing adventures, from around 1996
  • First Published: Powernaut 2008, 1-800-POWERNAUT
  • Most Recent Publication and Latest Appearance: Powernaut 2008 Part 2, Reality House

Author's Notes

1-800-POWERNAUT is a special story. Powernaut 2008 will testify to that. I brought Dwarf Star in as the businessman for that.

He is an unused character for 1990s role-playing games. As God is my witness, I cannot explain why he would ever wear that outfit. So for the record, he never has.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 24 February 2019.

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