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Chas_Speed is a rogue created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Charlie [REDACTED]
Team Affiliations: has worked with some other rogues
Status: Active
Location: Probably Earth-SW10 in 2020
Favorite Music: Vince Guaraldi (go figure)
Character Portrait


Chas grew up as a small child around 1960. He and his friends would figure disproportionatly in the world's subsequent superhuman history. His friend Linus would be revealed to have an artifact which djinni would go to great lengths to possess. His friend Lucy would become a pyromaniac and fall into devil worship.

As for Chas, he fell in with a group called "The Mininstry of Speed", which was handing out super-speed powers. Chas eventually made the big time, on reality TV in 2008. This availed him nothing, but he still muddles through life.


Forever a lovable loser.

Powers and Abilities

Chas Speed is fairly vigorous for his age, and has average powers for super-speeders. He may use these to great effect, when others help direct him. But he may also be easily tripped or obstructed.


A bald somewhat-obese man, around sixty years old.


  • Earliest Appearance and First Published: Chas and his friends may have been part of a comic strip in the time of his youth.
  • Most Recent Publication and Latest Appearance: Reality House vs. the World, Powernaut 2008

Author's Notes

Why yes, I consider a certain set of comic strips from my youth to be canon in my universe! I once saw a local theater play entitled "Dog Sees God", which gave me the link between them and the present. Two other characters from that old strip have already appeared in my stories. Now, Chas does!

I'm not the first to have done this. I recall one holiday story in which they had a Chas-counterpart and his grown-up little friend actually raise the Great Pumpkin! So, I declare fair game.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 30 December 2020.

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