Eiler Technical Enterprises Logo.  Most of the difference is Eiler.

Some Big Company Ameritech Halloween Contest, 2002

Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Photos by Scott Eiler and Ericka Carlson

Other Halloween Stuff: The Eiler Technical Enterprises Halloween Party

Lots of people came to see costumes.
Five people wore costumes and competed.
Here we are from front view.
And here we are from the other side.
Some people dressed up but didn't compete.
The Mistress of Ceremonies wore a costume too.
I can't explain this one, but then I wasn't taking the pictures at this point, because I was too busy competing.
We scared small children with our costumes.
Cindi came as a corporate logo.
The MC liked the logo.
Scott's raincoat was funny, but not original.
Someone's Notre Dame outfit was really funny, but still not original.
The logo won the Most Original Costume award. (I think it was fixed.)
Steve looked scary, but he wasn't the scariest.
Scott was scary once he took off his raincoat, so he won the Scariest Costume award. (Steve thinks it was fixed.)
And the audience went wild.