Travelog of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2007

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Domination of Eiler Journal #17: Operation Grand

Grand Rapids, Michigan

What Is the Domination of Eiler?

In one sense, "The Domination of Eiler" is a political entity modeled upon the Holy Roman Empire. Which is to say, it works through national and local political entities, but transcends nation-state boundaries. You may already be a citizen without knowing it!

In another sense, "The Domination of Eiler" is a pen name for an amateur but very prolific web journalist. Perhaps you may enjoy these travel writings, given this simple guide:

  • The Domination of Eiler is led by, of course, the Dominator.
  • Its chief military force, and bodyguard of the Dominator, is the Domination Guard.
  • The Domination's world headquarters is now in Lansing-Michigan. As such, some nearby points in the North Eileranian heartland are targets for Domination patrols. Grand Rapids-Michigan is among these.
  • Operational Map

    For its traditional Time of the Darkflower vacation, the Domination of Eiler was in position to subdue various Michigan points near Kalamazoo and Lansing. South Haven-Michigan on Lake Michigan was a prime target, but was suffering from lake-effect snow on Friday. Domination of Eiler forces therefore deployed to Grand Rapids-Michigan instead. Grand Rapids offers these major museum targets:

    It has been noted, Grand Rapids is along the Grand River, just like Lansing and other Michigan cities Grand Haven and Grand Ledge are. Without comment of the actual grandness of the river, we now just call this operation "Grand".

    Day 0: Friday 23 Nov 2007

    Turkey Sandwiches!
    Turkey sandwiches on sale - the day after Thanksgiving, and every day! (Closed after lunch.) See also:

  • View from the Ambassador Room
  • Grand Rapids Has Hockey Night
  • Deployed out of associate-EilerBase Kalamazoo, after spending some more time than planned in wholesome clan activities, such as moving furniture, raking the yard, staying around for leftover turkey, and involving bouncy Eiler nephews in staging a fight between the Incredible Hulk and his archenemy for this year, Iron Man(s). ("Are they strong? Listen, bud! They've got iron in their blood!") So, some delay in conquering Grand Rapids. Go figure.

    Grand Rapids museums are downtown, so deployed downtown. Chose the Amway-sponsored Grand Plaza Hotel for base camp.

    Whale in the Public Museum
    Scenic whale carcass in Grand Rapids. See also:

  • Gerald Ford Museum
  • Convention Center Named After Amway Founder
  • Reindeer Car
  • Day 1: Saturday 24 Nov 2007

    Mission Day

    Subdued the two main museum targets. This took a total of three hours.

    Brunch of Champions at Flanagan's Irish Pub; dinner at hotel sports pub. Downtime and a walk around downtown in between. Downtown Grand Rapids doesn't entirely shut down on weekends like some places do, but it's still fairly scenic and great for downtime.

    Day 2: Sunday 25 Nov 2007

    Extraction Day

    On way out of Grand Rapids, decided to see the Meijer scenic gardens. These are closed Sunday morning, of course. Such sculptures as were visible from outside the gate, were nothing to waste even one hour waiting for. Deployed straight to regular church in Lansing instead. Choir director pleased.

    Spent the weekend deciding whether ambiance of downtown Grand Rapids is most like Fort Worth, Providence, Indianapolis, or Rock Island. Have to conclude, Indianapolis... but if museums moved out of town, it'd be Rock Island.

    Ribbon of Domination

    The operation shows these signs of success:

    The Domination will admit to these operational shortcomings, though:

    But Domination of Eiler forces return triumphant as ever, all praise to the One Maker.

    (signed) Dominator S. Eiler, Fist of the One Maker, for the Domination of Eiler.

    The Domination of Eiler believes in free sharing of information. But if you wish to reproduce significant parts of the commentary within, be aware that it is © copyright 2007 by Eiler Technical Enterprises. And have a niiiice daay.