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Minions of Eiler Unite!

Tres de Mayo Observance, 2011

There is rejoicing throughout the Domination of Eiler this week, due to a geopolitical event involving a well-known extra-governmental commander... Today is the Dominator's ceremonial birthday!

Calculating from the hour of birth as adjusted for the Pacific time zone which now hosts the Domination of Eiler headquarters, the Dominator's chronological birthday is actually now 2 May. But important days like Victoria Day, The True Millennium, and Tres de Mayo are all best observed when the people want to celebrate.

Congratulatory messages started at 9 pm 2 May, time shifted just like the Dominator's birthday. By Tres de Mayo morning, the notifications for these messages included phrases like, "and 28 friends".

The Dominator observed these important birthday customs:

Best clothes from the thrift store. The Dominator's favorite birthday shirt is still nice and shiny; he wears it once or twice a year.

Finest music all day. The Conquering Cell Phone is now programmed with the 3700 songs of Big Music #1, which qualifies. On shuffle today, it came right up with "Party 'Til the World Obeys".

Birthday treats for representative citizens at work. Iced oatmeal cookies this year. Most of the citizens came to collect the treats in person and give personal congratulations, while looking at flowers and a balloon which the Dominator's sister kindly sent for the occasion.

Nice dinner. The new District of Dominance is light in brew pubs, which is the proper way to observe Tres de Mayo. But a newly-conquered Indian restaurant-bar submitted good food and draft beer.

Dessert. At neighborhood pub, which is a Denny's so they have dessert covered.

New Web page: this fine post. Eilertech is now perfecting the technology to convert plain text into formatted Web pages. That tech now operates on the Domination's fiction-blog. (

Plus> In the meantime, this real-life blog post can go straight to the world via Facebook.

Plus, shopping for vacation next week. British Columbia will likely submit huge tracts of scenic landscape.

So, a successful Tres de Mayo. Thank you, citizens.

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