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Minions of Eiler Unite!

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Lake Stevens Day

The Domination of Eiler is still supposed to drive its motor vehicle at least thirty miles at a time, once a month - assuming it moves said vehicle at all. It missed the July drive. Yesterday for the August drive, there were cobwebs on the car. The Domination's mountain bike "War Machine" handles regular operations.

The city of Lake Stevens has been targeted. Its athletic club is training aerobics instructors tomorrow, so that the Domination might someday again teach a class. They were kind enough to give the Dominator a free pass for the weight machines today.

The Lake Stevens Bike Works provided an inner tube change. They are not a full-power retail shop for bike accessories, nor do they want to be. They are content (even if a bit grumbly on the surface) to sell and service bikes. The Domination's road bike "Thunder Child" handles vacation duty, but it was grumbly until it got service too.

The Mansion Inn is a mile from the town center. Not the shopping mall; the real town center is on the other side of the lake. The inn is providing lodging and breakfasts, plus a magnificent lake view. Also a private bathroom, albeit across the hall from the bed.

The Buzz Inn Steakhouse and the Creekside Ale House are both in the town center. They are trading off lunch and dinner duties. They are both the kind of fine dining place where one can gamble at the bar. Good enough. Creekside has way too much "family" dining, though.

Lake Stevens has a historical society. This evaded detection at first, but the locals ratted it out. (It's behind the library!) So it was forced to reveal the town's origin (the timber industry), its historical house (100-year-old artifacts, check), its annual pride festival (AquaFest, the last weekend each July) and its pride mascot (a stuffed four-legged duck).

Other than the historical society, this is basically a normal Domination Saturday. The lead activity is plotting Powernaut 2011 - and giving away Powernaut business cards. The Friday night crowds really liked live-action cartooning.

Tomorrow the Domination of Eiler sees whether it can still survive a day dedicated to physical fitness. All Hail the Domination!

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