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Wolven is a woman exploited by villains, created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: apparently none
Aliases: The Wolf-Woman of (Michigan, Iowa, Tennessee, ...)
Team Affiliations: exploited by villains
Status: Inactive (hopefully)
Location: Last seen departing for the realm of dreams
Favorite Music: Wolf howls
Character Portrait


The female human first known as "Wolven", ran with wolf packs around upper Michigan. Wolven's natural state is to run free, alongside the wolves. They accept her, because she can suckle their cubs.

In 1991, the crime lord Dominatra captured her. Dominatra trained her, equipped her with retractable titanium claws, and sent her against her superhuman enemies. Wolven seriously wounded Ellipsis in one battle then, before Dominatra was overthrown.

Since then, Wolven has worn those same titanium claws. She has been captured and exploited by villains (most noticeably in 1991, 2006 and 2010). When last seen, she was the captive of an evil unicorn. But she has run with the wolves whenever given the chance.


Wolven is like a feral wolf. She may be abused into obedience, but this slips quickly whenever she gets a chance.

Powers and Abilities

Wolven is of typical human female size, though this makes her larger than typical wolves. She can run quickly on four limbs alongside the wolves.

Wolven has retractible titanium claws, welded upon her by Dominatra. She has adapted to those, such that they are her natural state. Whenever she has confronted superhumans since that implantation, the U.S. Government has chosen to let her keep those.


Wolven is a human woman, roughly 45 years old. She usually wears some filthy human clothes (a sleeveless shirt and some spandex). She knows how to go potty without fouling them. She is quite healthy due to her life in the wilderness, but she shows signs of human age. She may have some vitamin deficiencies.


Author's Notes

Wolven is a concept I invented alongside Ellipsis. She was against him, for his earliest adventures. That makes her a foundation of my universe.

She got into the Powernaut adventures, because the most likely Powernaut villains were all likely to need a disposible sidekick. Soon, we shall know how the Powernaut treats other people's disposible sidekicks. She got into adventures since then (though written earlier), which established how villains relate with her. Oh, poor pawn of villains.

(signed) Scott Eiler, 19 June 2018.

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